Sitting on daddy’s face

When I was a little girl, my dad made me sit on his face. I don’t really remember much about it, how many times it may have happened, or it when it stopped. I know my brother walked in on us at some point and told my mom. Nothing ever happened to my dad, though. I wish I could remember how it felt to have my dad licking my pussy. He was the first man to taste me. No one can ever take that from us. That’s the one special moment or bond we share, that his tongue was inside me first. I touch myself all the time, trying to remember how it felt. Sometimes I wish he would do it again. I just want my dad to love me and pay attention to me again. If that means spreading my legs for him to lick me, I would gladly do it whenever he wants. I want to cum for my daddy. I want him to become addicted to my taste.


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  • All daughters should spread their legs and let their fathers taste them first. I bet his tongue felt good inside you, and the thought of him tongue-fucking your pussy and lapping up your juices makes you wet.

  • Adult incest should be legalized

  • If you are now of legal age you can have a sexual relationship with your dad. Just be safe and use protection.

  • I am a step dad, and i began licking my 9 year old step daughter's pussy. She went wild over it. She was always asking me to do that for her. Her brother was 6 and i was also sucking on his little hard cock. I was in heaven. I loved sucking them or playing with them. My wife loved the fact that I loved wearing women's lingerie and she encouraged me to wear my lingerie in front of her kids. She would also masturbate her pussy in front of them as she watched me licking and sucking on them both. The marriage didn't last and I often fantasized what could happened if I'd been allowed to keep on licking and sucking them and even fucking them when they got older. Her brother loved sticking his little hard on inside my ass, and my step daughter asked me alot to put the head of my cock inside her tight pussy. It would have been so wonderful to finally be able to stick my cock all the way inside her smooth pussy and shoot my hot cum deep inside her. Or to feel her brother boner sliding inside my ass and then feeling him squirting me full of his hot cum.

  • I agree I am a dad and I know that sexual bond between dad and daughter try see how he reacts I'm sure you will be legs spread your dad eagerly licking your young tight pussy

  • I agree. Drop a massive hint.

  • I don’t know if a massive hint would work. He’s remarried. I’m older now. I doubt he’d want me that way anymore.

  • You should approach him about it

  • You think so? How should I go about it? Or how would you want to be approached?

  • Start by building a rekationship with him now. Next try shaving your pubic hair so your pussy will be like a little girls. As you get closer start bringing up childhood memories of him and if he seems open tell him you have partial memories of this and you like to pick up where he left off. If you really want him in this way you will have to take on some risk and just be open about it.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. How bad do you want this, should determine your actions. Build a relationship slowly over time, before you drop the big one on him. Perhaps you can be close in a father/daughter way if he does not wish a sexual relationship with you.

  • Also from your original post, you feel rejected by your Dad. Lack of a sexual relationship does not necessarily equate to a rejection of you. Perhaps the best result would be if you could build a healthy father/daughter relationship now. Leave the sexual relationship to a man or woman that you eventually fall in love with, and where sex would be a normal expression of your mutual love and feelings for one another. A good healthy relationship with your father, could actually help you bring about a healthy sexual relationship with a significant other. Then you would have two healthy relationships, instead of a dysfunctional relationship with your father now where everyone gets, your father, and his wife.

  • Thank you for your response. I wasn’t expecting something so reasonable and helpful.

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