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I am an male, and I been with my girl for a while now meaning years. So, to start this off. I use to hate my girlfriend niece she had a damn bad ass attitude which I hate af. She now 21 years old. She came to visit a few days ago and I started thinking like naughty things. I told myself hell no stop thinking that shit, but for some reason i caught myself saying do I really like her more than that🤔, no it can’t be, I dislike her so much, how can I like her like that ewww. But my brain kept saying I like her a lot. Now I catch myself looking at her like I’m in love with her. I catch myself thinking about having sex with her. Maybe deep inside I always did like her more than I should. I know I should feel really damn about about this, and I do, but I now like her and having feelings for her. I think she like me to because they way she was acting around me, she never talk to me ever, and when she do she so rude af, never hug me or anything, but when she came over, she talk nice to me, was not rude at all, and the hug she was giving was nice a friendly hug it was more of like a personal level sensational deep hug, she rubbing my back while hugging her where her hands about to touch my ass and I can feel her breathing hard and definitely felt her rubbing again me more then u should on a normal hug. We let each other go slowly and smile but when the hug ended our hands slid again each other arms where the hands lead to holding both each other hands and we Glance at each other eyes and smile we both then drop one of our arms and let go each other hands with the other arm very slowly as we was walking away. The next day I seen her on the couch sitting there in her outfit where she then laid down and I caught myself looking at her stomach and her breathing patterns of her stomach, and how my hands would feel good inside her pants I told myself to stop it and I did. She knew I was looking because I was just Staring at her stomach. I look up and and saw her looking at me and she knew I was looking, she did not smile, laugh, or anything she just look at me, like she was thinking. I know it not right, but that the problem with the human mind. Idk what to do, I think I going to leave it alone, because I’m definitely not saying shit about it to her. My girlfriend is now jealous because me and that niece is bonding and we never did. Idk, I not going to worry about it unless her niece makes a move and go from there

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