Want my wife forced

I have gave up hope of rekindling our sex life with my wife. We have been married for 18y and we have had sex just once in the last 7yrs. I do still find her attractive and try often to fuck her often but with so much rejection I am almost at a point of giving up. She lets me finger and lick her pussy occasionally which she enjoys and she usually cums but no more.
I have thought about slipping her some sleeping pills and fucking her but decided not to so far. I now have this urge to watch someone rape her in front of me and treat her like a whore fucking her senseless. I have started posting pics of her naked on sex chat sites etc and I have had loads of men offer to rape her.
I think it’s only a matter of time before it happens and when I think about it I am so aroused at the thought of her being forced fucked like a slut!

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  • I forced my wife to fuck my buddy not long after we got married. She acted like she didn't want to do it. Even told me she didn't find him attractive or want to be with him. Next thing I know I find out she's been meeting with him and fucking his brains out. She said his cock made up her mind. Seems he's about 4 inches bigger length wise and like 2 inches fatter. I didn't plan on her deciding to make it a long term thing. Figured it would be once in a blue moon.

  • Post the web sites so we can see her ...she might be the office whore that everyone uses for when wives rejects husbands

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