I love flirting with my mom

I know my mom watches lesbian porn, and I know she watches a lot of "mom/daughter" videos. I've caught her staring at my ass more than once, and she always trembles a little bit whenever we hug or whenever I walk past her in my underwear.

I love it. I love knowing that I turn her on so much. I love that I can fuck with her just by "accidentally" letting her look up my skirt. I love when I can hear her jilling off after I tease her. I love that she's masturbating to her 15-year-old daughter.

I don't even think I'm into women. I just love the power I have over her. If she ever makes a move, I'll probably even sleep with her, because why not. Even if it's not the best sex, I'll be able to hold it over her for as long as I want. And if I do like it, then I'll always have someone I can have good sex with waiting for me.

Tonight, I'm going to take things a step further and get naked in my room when I get home from school. I'm not going to put on any clothes for the whole night unless she asks me to. And I'm going to hug her tight when she comes home.


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  • You're the most luckiest girl ever. im 15 as well and I wish my mom or I had a mom like that. I'd fuck her and tease her all the time and since im lesbian I would enjoy it more

  • Sorry there have been no updates. This is hot!

  • So how did this go?

  • Young teens (under 18) have the best bodies so yes she probably fancies you. Just fuck her

  • You’ve given all the right reasons for doing this whether mom makes her move or not.

    1. It’s power. Raw, sexual power.
    2. This will help you understand adult relationships.
    3. This is going to give you much insight into dealing with other women.
    4. You WILL always have that over her, and that is very powerful.
    5. Holding that power is also extremely gratifying.
    6. This will help you develop Alpha female instinct.
    7. It’s likely the sex will be VERY good. By making this regular.
    8. You’ll be way ahead of your friends in terms of experience.
    9. You’ll have a powerful tool to make other girls ‘back down.’
    10. If other girls don’t back down, that will be even better.

    Tighten the screws on mom until she can’t stand it. When mom jills, consider jilling yourself, and don’t be quiet about it!

    Let us know how this goes.

  • Alternatively, you could simply note that it's getting warmer and you're sleeping nude tonight. So your nakedness is being 'ready for bed...'

  • Want to hear how it goes

  • Same

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