She was drunk and does not remember

My dad passed away when I was around thirteen or so and my mom grieved for about a year then started living life again. I was old enough to be doing my own thing mostly and she started going out with a friend sometimes and having some fun. They came back to our house usually and they would both look like hell the next morning hungover bad.
One night my Mom came home and was just really drunk, she came into my room thinking she was being really quiet telling me she just wanted to say good night to me. She leaned over to either give me a kiss or hug but never quite made it as she fell down onto the bed. I looked at her for a moment then got her the rest of the way on half the bed, I had just made myself comfortable when she started moving and talking again. She got up on her hands and knees and was turning towards me then her one of her hands followed my legs up and her hand started rubbing my cock thru my shorts. I was amazed at this and froze thinking she would pass out again then I would leave her here and sleep in the other room but she continued rubbing then lowered her head down. She then said I want to suck your cock Max, which was really out there because she never called me Max and I knew know one named Max. My name was no where near that and it was never a nickname I ever heard. She pulled the front of my shorts down and started actually sucking on me, the shorts were really digging into my balls so I pulled them down while she slurped and sucked on my cock. I was instantly hard and she used her tongue and mouth all over my cock and balls licking and sucking me. She stopped abruptly and said that she was really hot and needed to get her shirt off, I helped her out of it and fumbled with her bra until it was loose letting her boobs free. She laid down on her side facing me and I started fondling her boobs and nipples while she sucked away on me until I had an orgasm which she swallowed and slurped right down. She again said that she loved my cock and called me Max again, she kept on sucking on me for quite some time then just sort of laid down and started snoring. She had rolled onto her back and her breasts were sagging to her side but still pretty firm actually as I played with them some more listening to her snoring away.
I decided that her waking up in my bedroom half naked in the morning was probably not a great idea so I tried to get her up but I ended up mostly carrying her and leaning her into the wall while I slid her to the bedroom. She fell onto the bed in a flop and I took off the rest of her clothes and covered her up, she had rolled right onto her back again and the snoring started right back up again. I lifted one of my legs up over her head and dangled my cock right over her mouth letting it rub her lips and stuck it in and out a few times. She never even budged at all while I played with her.
I woke up the next morning and made myself some breakfast, she rolled out around nine or so with that really hungover look on her face. She told me good morning and asked me how I slept, she gave me a hug and asked me if I heard her come in last night. I told her that she did not wake me up at all and asked her how her night was, she told me she could not remember a thing after a few hours at the bar and does not even know how she got home let alone into bed.
I told her that she must have come home in a cab because her car was not in the driveway or maybe her girlfriend dropped her off and got her to bed. She asked me if she was here or not and I told her no the other bedroom was empty. She made her way around the kitchen and then told me that she was really sorry she was out so late, I got up and gave her a hug telling her that she was fine and it was okay to cut loose now and then.
I got her to suck me off one more time after that night about a year later when she stumbled in again barely walking and smiling from ear to ear. She had laid down on the couch and fell asleep but woke up a few times. I got her up and put her in her bedroom then with it pretty dark in there I got my cock out and kept putting it near her lips and asking her to suck it. She finally started sucking but it was not quite as good as the first time but I did get to play with her naked body quite a bit that time.


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  • You should ne hersex buddy permanently

  • Did you not lick her or try your cock up her wet pussy ?

  • So, your mom r*ped you when you could not legally consent.

  • Sounds more like he raped his drunk ass mom

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