Sleeping hubby

This happened years ago but I want to get it out of me . When I was 39 I was a little overweight , I know I was pretty as I always got complements I’m quite short at 5 foot and have really big boobs which always draw attention , my husband although I knew loved me showed very little affection and was always tired .
I ended up a night owl and started looking at friend sites like you see today but not out and out sex sites .
I put a pic of my face up and got a lot of mails , guys started asking for my yahoo messenger etc and started sending risky pics while flirting .
I was shocked but I suddenly realised I was getting turned on a lot , next thing I knew I was on late every night chatting on messenger with guys I hardly knew and they were very chatty and sexual , it got worse that some would masturbate on cam and I would show my boobs.
Had I realised what might happen I might have stopped as the next thing I realised a guy that I started chatting with unknown to me lived in the same street as me , he recognised me but never showed his face , when he did I didn’t know him .
He was ten years younger than me and he confessed he had known who I was .
He started off by saying don’t panic and just teased me over the next few week , in that time he had already seen most of me on cam and made me shave my pussy for his amusement while he masturbated .
My stomach turned over with panic when said he wanted to meet me , I said no way but he was persistent .
I stupidly gave in after his persistent nagging and I was worried that his teasing that he would tell my hubby was real .
After agreeing to meeting the next thing he said made me shiver.
He said , good now open the back door i am walking to you now . I said what ? It’s 2am do not be stupid , I rushed to the window and see him coming up the drive .
I opened the back door and whispered desperately that he can’t be here but he said go in the kitchen door way and hush up we will just chat and be quite .
I told him my husband was a deep sleeper on messenger so he knew it was probably ok at 2 in the morning as it was dark where I live it would be unlikely get was seen too .
We chatted for 5 mins then he stated to get a bit frisky and asked for a kiss . I gave in to keep things quiet then his hands started to feel my boobs , I said that’s not allowed you asked for a kiss , he said that was an excuse to get close and try it on , he then said open up your night gown so I can see more , I said ok but then you have to go, he winked at me , I didn’t know what that meant but opened up and showed my body . I had on a bra that was see through but lifted up my apple boobs also matching see through white knickers.
His face changed and all he said was wow . It was then I realised he had taken his cock out and was wanking in front of me . I froze yet it made me instantly tingle and I could feel my pussy getting wet. He said leave your bra on but take your knickers off slowly and hand them to me . I did . He took them put them to his nose and I could see him take in my scent . He said I know your husband is here snd sleeping but I want to put my cock in your cunt now . I froze with shock yet again . I said don’t do that are you mad .
He knew I was ready and I wanted to .
He then walked up to me kissed me , slowly he went down lower and licked my pussy when he was getting up I could feel his hand on his cock directing it for my wet cunt , I let him do it , I was enjoying it too .
We stopped after the initial standing in the door way and laid on some towels in the kitchen. He went wild and fucked me harder and harder , I could feel his cock so hard in me , I was loving it but was also terrified that my husband would wake , faster and faster he thrust in me u till I could feel his cocky pulsing and the hot fish of cum fill me .
I told him to go now , he left quick and said he wanted to see me again , I nodded and he left , god I was turned on and masturbated my self with his cum drool over my fingers while I rubbed my clit.
We met many times over the next few months and he fucked me a lot all outside I let him in late at night only one more tIme.
I have never been fucked so hard by one guy over a short period of time . I see him now snd again but we never acknowledge each other .
He kept my underwater snd I know he told some of his friends as I have seen him with them and they look over at me .
I hope they don’t think they all have a chance..


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  • Baby your story has my cock throbbing. PLEASE email me at I want to see you

  • I just wanted to confess and let it go , it’s a relief to say it even if it is on here.😃

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