Laying in bed wearing briefs as I usually do, the wife snuggles over to me and starts running her hand along my chest, over my stomach and down to the elastic band of my undies.
She pulls back the material and giggles as it twangs hard against my skin. She knows this starts to make my cock twitch.
She runs her hand over the material covering my manhood and feels me getting harder by the second. Normally around that time she would slip her hand inside my briefs and pull my cock out and start to stroke it, but not tonight.
She makes sure my hardening member leans to the side so she can feel it all on the outside of the material. She feels every bump and groove of my cock, runs her hand down and feels the tightness in my balls.
She presses down harder and runs my cock more vigorously, my member still inside my briefs and her hand still on the outside.
Rubbing and squeezing harder and faster, she doesn't stop even when I murmur that I was about to cum.
I came, and she was still rubbing but concentrating more on my head and the big wet spot that has soaked into my briefs.
She squeezed and rubbed the wet spot into my cock and balls and told me I had to sleep on the wet spot that night.
Who am I to complain, I did what I was told.

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