Virginity and Cuckolding

It's my darkest fantasy for my fiancee to let another man take her virginity and to be MUCH bigger than me.

I want to experience the humiliating emotions of knowing that my fiancée chose this guy to be the first to ever use her pussy over me, and for him and her to really rub it into my mind that he'll always have her virginity and that there's nothing I could ever do about it.

I want her virgin cunt to squeeze his huge cock tighter than any pussy he's ever fucked before, and that he stretches her virgin cunt open and ruins her for me.

Once she adjusts to his size, I hope he makes her cum nonstop, so he can feel every muscle of her virgin cunt massage his huge cock, lfor hours and hours, until he's ready to cum a big load.

When he's ready to cum, I hope he pushes the full length of his cock into her pussy and becomes the first to cum in her pussy, and leaves it in her cunt until her orgasming pussy milks every drop out.

All of this is going to remain anonymous, but for all the bulls out there, I hope you find my fiancée and seduce her because you'll have the most gratifying experience of your life. Imagine how amazing you'd feel knowing you took another man's fiancées virginity and became the first to cum in her. Imagine feeling the wetness of her virgin cunt squeezing your huge cock. Imagine your whole shaft being squeezed and massage as you pump your cum into her pussy, knowing you're the first. Think about how emasculated I must feel knowing I can never be her first. Tell me about it. Be brutal when you taunt me.

Good luck!

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  • I wish someone would talk to me about this.

  • I will

  • I guess no one wants to discuss this seriously.

  • Virginity is vastly overrated !

  • How so

  • Which is why I am looking for a rich but down to earth family to be a nanny and travel the world with them cuz i am so cuntold old and poor but still have a new found virginity? how strange at 45.

  • She was shit, just layed there like a sack of crap mate.

  • Your right. She will be doing more worrying about the initial pain and not know what the heck to do. Your right she is just going to lay there. There will be no orgasm.

  • LOL

  • She was already slack so i couldn't cum

  • LOL! Sounds like you want us to write your masturbation material for sure!

  • Good point !

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