Wife has another mans child.

Well it wasn't really cheating but that describes it more than the other options.
Ida and I had been married for over two years and she lately has wanted a baby so we have been trying with no results so after many fertility tests we found out it is not her but me. ( I cant even pronounce the name the Dr. called it let alone spell it ) But he said that I have lazy sperm and chances are I will never father a child.
I was disappointed but Ida was devastated she was really looking forward to a family.
We talked about all the options offered insemination and others but it was to expensive for us and for over a year we looked for a way to make it happen then one night as we laid in bed Ida told me that a nurse she had talked to had given her another option and that was get another man to impregnate her.
I was surprised at the idea at first but I was also intrigued with it and Idea had crossed my mind more than once but I was afraid to tell her.
We discussed this many times in the next few days and for some reason she seamed pleased to learn that she could still have a family of her own and I was glad that she was offered this chance so for the next couple weeks we planned it out .
The guy had to resemble me so the baby would be accepted by our family's and friends so she got on the calendar finding out when her ferity days were then we looked through the adds on Craig's list and other adds on the internet to find a guy that could pass for my family member to do the job and He was not going to be told why just think that I was a cuckold.
We both got a kick out of me being a cuckold but it was necessary for what we wanted so we found a guy in college at Davis just outside of Sacramento and he lived off campus .We checked the date to align it with her fertility period and then contacted Sean the guy we had picked.
It was a festive day for us until we were only a couple miles away from his place then I realized that my wife was going to be in the arms of another man soon and I felt my gust twist inside of me and I think Ida had realized this to because she was no longer laughing and talking like she had been.
We rode the rest of the way in silence with her setting beside me with her hands on her knees staring straight ahead and as I parked I told her we don't have to do it if you are afraid but she answered without looking at me saying no lets just get it over with.
I was just about to knock when Sean opened the door and stepped back and I let Ida in ahead of me My ears were roaring and I couldn't seam to hear what he was saying but I shook his hand then he turned to Ida and she was apologizing saying that she had never done anything like this before .
Sean was really looking over her body now and commenting on how pretty she is and my throat was dry as they talked
Sean turned to me and asked if I was going to watch but I said no I would just wait for them to finish then they left as Sean took her hand and led her off to his bedroom.
I was almost hyperventilating and I paced back and forth for a long time as images of my wife naked in the arms of another man it all seamed so unreal now .
I slipped off my shoes and walked silently down the hall and I could hear this rapping sound as I came close to the room and I could plainly hear his bed head board rapping against the wall and I knew that they were fucking I listened closely and I could hear her grunts and his gasps of pleasure and it even felt like my hair hurt listening to them so I went back into the living room and I checked my watch hell we had only been here for a half hour so far how long was this going to take ????
I paced back and forth for a long time before I heard the bathroom toilet flush then Sean came in smiling from ear to ear buck naked with his soft cock hanging down and traces of his sperm in his pubic hair and said boy Ida is one tight piece of ass dude thanks hope you don't mind but I want to fuck her again in a few minutes as soon as I recover she is waiting now then he turned and walked away.
I began to pace back and forth again now and it seamed like forever before Ida came back in to me She wouldn't make eye contact with me at first and we left.
I tried to get her to tell me about it but she didn't want to.
Well 6 days later we tested her and she was pregnant and now two years later as I hold my daughter on my lap I am very glad that we did this thing because she is a doll and a Daddy's girl.
If ever Ida wants another child I will gladly go along with it again.

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  • I've happily knocked up the wife for three couples. I would have done it for more couples but that was all that asked me, so far.

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