Wife Mandy

This is not something that happened overnight .
Mandy and I had talked abut her being shared many times in the 8 years that we have been married and twice before we had ran adds and met with several guys but she always changed her mind and refused to go through with it.
I is kind of funny in a way she always wore a mask when we would meet with guys she could see them but it was kind of a lone ranger mask.
We had brought it up again last summer and again she agreed to let me run our add with a nude picture of her .
( Mandy has a willowy figure with small breasts and narrow hips ) She is very self conscious about that and says she is skinny but I find her attractive even though her kip bones are plainly visible when she is on her back .
Well our add was once again successful and we began to talk to guys now on our computer instead of meeting .Mandy always wore her mask when we talked to guys but she would also expose her breasts if asked . I didn't know if things would go as normal with her backing out again but I was surprised when we talked to Tony and she whispered OK I will do it.
We agreed on that coming Saturday meeting at his place in Fairfield and she seamed to be fine wondering what to wear and all the while I was expecting her to back out but she really seamed to be looking forward to it until Saturday arrived and had been up and down all night pacing back and forth and neither f us got much sleep.
We drank our coffee bleary eyed but even when she suggested call him and backing out I insisted on going though with it.
All the way over there she kept telling me it was all wrong but in the next breath she would ask if I was going to be alright with it the coffee had helped and I was feeling a little excited now as we parked in front of his apartment and Mandy looked as white as a ghost now .
Tony met us at the door and welcomed us inside and Mandy burst out I have never done this before and he laughed and said relax Mandy you will do just fine .
Tony was going bald and he was older than us with a slight pot belly but he had a good personality and soon Mandy was starting to relax but she was perched on the kitchen chair like she was ready to bolt and run but as they talked I shut up and let them get used to each other . I listened to their voices without hearing a word and it seamed like a long time before he stood taking my wife's hands in his and Mandy followed him to his bedroom .
When they were standing beside the bed Tony pulled her to him and they kissed gently at first then more intense and Mandy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him tight against her as they began to french kiss and I could hear them sucking on each others tongues Tony has his hand up under her blouse cupping her tit in his hand now and I could hear their harsh breathing when they parted.
Mandy looked at me her eyes smokey now with lust as she worked her wedding band off and handed it to me en Tony gently helped her sit and then he pushed her back onto the bed .
Mandy was staring at the ceiling as Tony parted her legs and lifted her skirt Mandy let him push her thighs apart and Tony began to rub her pussy through her panty's as she moaned softly then he pulled her panty's to one side and slipped his finger into her and Mandy gasped then her body began to respond to him her soft moans of pleasure and her sharp gasps told me she was enjoying what he was doing to her then He bent over her and began to lick her and Mandy exhaled and her body arched upward and settled back again but her hips were moving now and she laid her hand on the back of his head her soft as of pleasure were turning into harsh gasps for breath now as she neared her orgasm and I watched in fascination as her body responded to him and now she had both hands on the back of his head holding him there as she orgasm with her body jerking uncontrollably and her grunts of pleasure until she finally laid back on the bed with her harsh breaths the only sound n the room and Oder of her orgasm filling the room.
I was in shock watching my wife orgasm with another man but my rigid cock told me that I had liked it to and for long seconds we all just waited until Mandy started to breath normally again. Tony has a 7 1/2 inch cock so now he undressed and helped Mandy to remove her clothes then they backed up onto the bed with Tony above my wife and Mandy opened her legs so he could get in between them I could see that her Pussy was slick with her fluids and ready for his cock as Tony held himself above her with one arm and he guided his cock into my wife .
Mandy gasped when he entered her then she laughed and said god you are big and in truth his cock is thicker than mine I watches as she wiggled her ass into a comfortable position as he developed a rhythm and they began to talk but I only heard a few words it was mostly just a jumble of words to me as he fucked her and it didn't take him more than about 15 minutes to cum and when he started cumming Mandy laughed in delight ( She has been on birth control for over two years now) They laid beside each other now and we all talked Tony was still playing with her tits and pussy and Mandy had his cock in her hand They were now comfortable with each other and Mandy asked him if he could do it a second time and he said yes it you go down on me to get me hard so she did laughing and talking to both f us now until his cock began to fill once again and Mandy said lay still I like cow girl as she mounted him and she began to slide back and forth leaning over him offering the breasts to his mouth they were enjoying this now and it took a long time for hr to cum but she did and then Tony rolled her onto her back and came in her again.
When we got home I fucked her and I was surprised at how much sperm was still up inside of her but it felt fantastic as I added my sperm to his,


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  • You really should have slurped all his cum into your mouth. It would taste wonderful

  • I would love for my wife to do that. I'd lick her clean too🤤😍

  • Fantastic mate, good wife

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