My Wife Cucked Me WTF!!!!!!

I thought things were really great. My wife told me I was good in bed. Now I find out that she has been fucking an old lover a couple times a week for the last eight or nine months. She told me that I have not given her one single orgasm the whole time we have been married. That's almost six years. She told me that her former boyfriend who has a bigger dick pleases her in ways that I can't. I feel totally destroyed as a man. I have heard other men tell about shit like this happening to them. But not me. I thought my wife was happy and fulfilled. My ego is shattered. So yeah my penis isn't the biggest. I even asked her about it before we got married and she said it was perfect size for her. What a fucking lie that was. If a woman says it's the perfect size and you are not hung like a mule she is lying through her teeth. I wish now that she would have just told me the truth. She said that we can work through stuff. Meaning she keeps fucking him and living with me. She said she would keep fucking me and all just like before. Oh God! I'm a fucking loser cuckold and didn't even know it. I do love this woman so much. I told her I wanted her to stop seeing him. She says that she needs him to give her what I can't. He's not good for anything but sex and she admitted that. I can't live like that though. She told me it was ok if I wanted to fuck someone else. Like who would want to fuck a loser cuckold like me? Who? No one that's who. Why are women like this? Lying cheating sluts who like big cocks.


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  • I bought my wife the biggest dildo,Bob, at the sex shop to faux spit roast her with. It had to be huge because I mount it on a clothes tree, she blows Mr Clothestree while on all 4's on her yoga mat while I fuck her doggy style. Her spit roast fix without the embarrassing 'she just blew some guy' good night. I make her cum with my manly 7 inch fat boy, she also cums getting and giving oral.. You can't be giving yours good oral. Never had a GF who didn't cum with oral. Anyway I stick a coupe inches of big Bob in her little pussy during foreplay.
    Bob seems to HIT a wall at 3 inches in. But she's loving it. So one time we're 69 ing, she wetter than an otter's pocket. I slide fat Bob into her 3 inch mark and there's no wall, she had some wine -- I slowly slide the whole fat 10 inches in her little pussy - then in an out like a jackhammer -- she came so hard so long I had to stop. She was gyrating like a fish out of water for 10 minutes after Bob was out. Thought we were going to the ER.

  • Live with the reality and try to enjoy being a cuckold. I did and I am.
    At first it's difficult but try it ... you might like it.
    It's that or get a new relationship.

  • Has she told you that you’ve eaten his cum yet?

  • Yes she has sucked his cock and then kisses me and asked if I can taste his big fat cock. She is driving me insane. I would like to watch her getting pounded by a nice big black cock. Any brothers out there want to pound my wife's pussy while I jerk off? I might as well get something out of it ya know?

  • Yeah all women lie! Women who are married lie even more and what’s worse they lie by omission. Example: My wifey told me she wanted to save blowjobs until after we were married. Only to find out 2 facts 1) Her ex loved BJs and gave them to him almost DAILY!!!! 2) We broke up for a few weeks after we dated for 4 months and what did she do? Went out to bars and went home with guys! Gave each and everyone of them BJs!!!! After we were married she pretty much shutdown sex but still talked to her friends when we were out about all the things she liked. Who the fuck was she doing these things with? She sure wasn’t doing them with me!!

    Women lie more than men.

    My suggestion would be to take her up on her offer. I started fucking this beautiful woman. 22, 5 years younger than me, 5’0”, 95lbs, 30B blonde with the most amazing big blue eyes. She’s a freak and is into everything I’m into.

  • I'm fucking a woman right now because her husband ain't got enough between his legs to please her. He knows I'm fucking her . He actually asked if he could watch us fucking to which she said no absolutely not. Then we went to the bedroom locked the door and I fucked her silly. I know he could hear us going at it. She is a real screamer when getting a big cock. Afterwards she was parading around in front of him wearing this little sexy silk robe that barely covers her ass and pussy. He was trying to sniff her and smell my cum up in that bitches twat. It was so fucking hilarious to watch him. She told me later he was begging to eat her cunt full of my seed. LOL!

  • That's not a cuckhold relationship, that's a wife cheating on her husband. A cuckholding relationship is where both husband and wife agree to whatever terms have been set for the wife to take another lover. YOU have not agreed to any terms, and therefore are not a cuck. Now, if you let his happen and stay married to your wife, then you agree to her fucking him and you would become a cuck, but for now, you are not. Personally I would divorce the lying cheating slut and find someone better, but that's just me. Terms of cuckhold relationships should always be 2 sided, never just 1 sided.

  • They know they can get away with fucking around. You have to decide what you want in life and stop putting yourself down.
    You need to get away from this miserable woman and find someone who likes you and wants you. Why waste your life with her.

  • He loves it. At least this how I am reading it. Many men are well push overs and let it happen. So he likes it and she does as she pleases. What a fucking wimpy mother fucker if you ask me.

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