Wife Ida

I have read about wife sharing and I can see that many posts are just that but I get the feeling that many are actually true also.

My wife Ida and I are open about our sex lives and we have talked to each other about our past lovers lovers so I told her about this site and we sometimes come on here and read posts from others and sometimes we even use it as an kind of foreplay .

During a clip we watched on another site where a wife was being shared with another man I asked her if she would consider doing that with me watching and she laughed and asked could you handle watching me with another man you knw how much I like sex.

I really did not know ow to answer that I know that I liked watching other men's wife put out for their lovers and I told her that so that night we turned out the lights and I told her to pretend that I was a lover.

It was both funny and interesting at first she would start giggling and we would both bust up laughing but I told her to imagine in her mind another face above her maybe a movie star or a friend that she likes and as she got more into it and her body was responding to me and she was really getting into it we were silently going at it like crazy .

I was holding back wanting to please her as she strained against me then she gasped OH YEA ...OH YEA ... OH YEA... she was clinging to me now with her feet flat on the bed meeting me stroke for stroke then she grunted and her body began to shudder as she climaxed holding me tight against her and and whimpered kiss meee but now I was ready to bust my nuts so I did in a rush then we kissed as my cock shot into her.

As we laid side by side later I asked her again if she would do it and she replied are you sure could you watch me orgasm with another man ??

I had to admit that I was not sure but I really wanted to do it f she would

We began to seriously discuss the possibility and she admitted that it was kind of exciting and when we made love she was more active now when I would tell her to pretend I was another man .

When she finally gave in we had to pick another man and we were pretty well versed on this now so we contacted Craig's list and looked at adds on other sites as well and we found several that she liked but only one of them lived close enough to contact.

Tony lives between Napa and Yountville and has been a study for several years and he understood that we were dabbling into this for the first time and he assured me that he would show us a current health certificate to prove he has no transmittable viruses.

All that week Ida and I talked about reassuring each other that it was all ok but I had seen his picture and his cock looks to be bigger than mine and it was both exciting and a little intimating at the same time but I was determined to go through with it we are very much in love so I couldn't see where it would cause any problems and Ida seamed to be looking forward to it to.

He met us at the door and ushered us in his house was clean and neat as we went into the kitchen and he offered us coffee or a drink. I took a beer and Ida a glass of wine as he sipped his drink and we talked with him asking us how we came about this cuckold ting and at first I was a little uncomfortable explaining why I wanted to watch her with him until he started telling us about some of the couples he had been with and we began to laugh as he explained some of the funny things that had happened until he stopped and stood and asked well are you ready .???

Ida and I looked at each other this was it there was no turning back now I watched as she stood offering her hand to him her gaze lingered on my face for only an instant then turned to him and nodded in assent.

I followed them into the bedroom and Tony turned her to him and they kissed gently at first then more intensely as his hands traveled over her breasts and ass cheeks and my wife was responding to him as their kisses became more and more intense.

I was light headed now and I was having a hard time breathing I couldn't watch now so I went into the living room and passed back and forth until I calmed down a little I was trying to control my breathing as I made my way back into the bedroom and They were still locked together kissing but Ida's blouse and bra was gone and he was mauling her breasts now with his hands and I turned again and walked out unable to watch.

I went outside taking deep breaths and every time I closed my eyes I saw her responding to him and it was hard to admit that it was also very erotic I had a raging hard on now and I went back inside and Ida was naked on the bed and Tony was in between her thighs his cock out of site in her and they were wildly fucking and it sounded like a person running with flip flops on as his hairy ass pumped up and down and I could see glimpses of his cock all slick with Ida's juices and Ida was meeting his thrusts with every stroke her hands grasping his ass cheeks holding him in her.

Now I couldn't tear my eyes off of them the room filled with the Oder of their love making and it to was intoxicating they were in a frenzy mating like animals until Ida began to chant breathlessly don't cum yet don't cum yet OH YEA OH YEA I,M Cumming as her body arched off the mattress her legs wrapped around his waist as her body orgasmed and Tony stopped letting her enjoy her climax until she began to relax then he began to fuck her harder until he came deep in her to.
I was breathing like I had ran a race and they were gasping for breath to and Ida was laughing breathlessly with his cock still inside of her .

Later as they lay side by side gently kissing and Tony was absently playing with her breasts while Ida had his soft cock in her hand Ida glanced over at me and asked well what do you think and I laughed to and said WOW just wow and we all laughed then Ida laid her head on his belly and sucked his cock until he firmed up enough for her to mount him in a cowgirl and she began to ride his cock as we all talked and we talked about out experience. I got to watch then a second time that day and we have talked about it many times as she relived her part and I did the same

She said she was only aware of me leaving the tome once instead to twice so I guess she must have liked what she was doing.

We agreed to film it if we ever do it again so she can see herself in action.


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  • When I was first married to my wife i began to realize that she had a much greater sex drive than me. She was always ready to go and i could never keep up with her. I asked her if she wanted other lovers and she said no at first, then soon after fucking me to death one night she talked about having other lovers. I agreed and we set down rules , you know, who and when that kind of thing
    Needles to say she is out two or three time a week screwing some guy she met at work or some ex she lover to fuck.
    I am ok with all this as our sex life is a good as ever.

  • I have always wanted my wife to fuck another guy. I have told her my fantasy many times, but she refuses to do it. She says there is no way I could handle it. My dick gets super hard every time I think about her fucking someone else. Maybe someday she'll do it.

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