Wife And I Share Fetish With Cousin Rose

My wife's cousin Rose came to visit us and spend her holiday with us. We talked about various subjects. My wife confessed to me that the fetish of her big tits played with and used started with her cousin Rose. "You enjoyed women and men sucking playing with those tits?" which she finally confessed openly. Rose said to me that Peggy, my wife, use to feed her tits to her to get sucked on while Rose masturbated Peggy. " I do that often to Peggy." I said and smiled.
Peggy admitted that she's not into oral but jerks me off. She enjoys my cum on her tits. "That's what I miss the most, oral sex. I keep wishing we do oral because that's my fetish," I admitted up to them. Rose opened up and told us her fetish was threesome sex and was open to it while she was visiting here.
My wife and I was getting off in the bedroom. I had Peggy's tit in my mouth and she was tugging on my cock. We didn't know that Rose was peaking thru the slightly opened doorway. She pushed the door open and said, " Mind if join in?" She reached over and played with Peggy's other tit while undressing and I reached and felt Rose's hairy snatch. It was getting wet as I fingered her. Rose laid back as Peggy forced her breasts into Rose's face and held Rose's head in them. I was down licking sucking Rose's snatch while feeling my wife's wet cunt. I was turned on by the taste of Rose's pussy and seeing her smothered with Peggy's breasts that I stuck my dicked in front of Peggy's face and demanded she suck my cock and pulled her head onto it. To my surprise she didn't object and she sucked away. I told my wife I was going to unload. Rose hearing that said,"I want that cum!" She opened her mouth as my wife watched her cousin take a mouthful of cum.
We played with Rose several times on her visit to us. Rose made me realize how open my wife is to woman play. I was licking my wife's cunt from behind while she forced and rubbed her big tit all over my cum in Rose's snatch. Thanks to cousin Rose we're open to FFM threesomes.

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