Am I gay?

For the last 6 years, starting at 11 years old, I let my friend next story fuck my ass at least once a day. He was 17 at the time.

The first time I slept over at his house, he got me high on weed. We were on bed and pulled on to his lap and started kissing me, I didn't resist and a few minutes later my short and underwear were off and he was feeling my cock and ass. I liked it and we kept kissing. He said I was so sexy and I had been masturbating for years thinking about me. He took my hand and put it on his cock, he was hard. Soon we were naked and I was on my belly, and he was rubbing his cock on my ass.

He reached in his night stand and I felt suddenly wet, be said I'm lubricating your ass so we can have sex. Before I could say anything he was in me. I hurt so much, he is big 8 + inches and thick but he went slow, then if felt good. We did it for 10 minutes and he yelled Baby I'm cumming and I felt him fill me.

We layed like that for a few minutes and he got soft. He asked did I like it? I whispered Yes, i loved it. He made love to me 3 more times that night. Every morning before school he came to my house as we took the same bus. Mom left for work at 6am everyday so we were alone. As soon as he got here I would be naked and we have anal. It felt so good feeling his cock in me. After school he fucked he again.

We still do this everyday but at his apartment. I've never had sex with anyone but him. I also started oral swallowing when I was 13.

I love how his cock feels. But I also jerk off over girls. I'm I gay?


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  • Why does every forget that bisexual people exist?

  • Yep a real puffter

  • Yep your a faggot

  • Bisexual is an option. Why choose?

  • Could you please suck my cock. I need to release some cum

  • I had similar experiences with an older boy when I was younger. He had anal sex with me when I was nine the first time and 2-3 days a week afterwards. I liked it, except for him expecting it whenever he caught up to me. I sucked the first time with him at twelve and also liked it. Am I gay? Maybe, but I like girls a lot but also love my feminine side.

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