Wife Sharing Extreme

I’ve had a fantasy about sharing my wife with other men for a few years. It’s not uncommon and I guess a lot of husbands fantasize about it because their wives aren’t into it or the men are too embarrassed to bring it up. So like a lot of husbands in one of these situations, I chat about it online. In chat rooms, in forums.
While some guys get off on the idea of watching their wife f**k another guy casually, maybe here and there for fun, to enhance their own marriage and sex life, I just can’t seem to keep it that simple. I get hardest and start obsessing when guys start talking about owning my wife, and making her theirs. When it’s about taking sex away from me and hurting my sex life with her instead of enhancing it. And if a guy says he wants to f**k my wife so bad that he will intentionally ruin my marriage just for his sexual pleasure, I cum so hard thinking about that. I’m obsessed with it. Nothing makes me harder. Now I know in real life, it’s probably crazy to think this way. But now I have a handful of guys I chat with regularly who are aching to know who my wife is and I know if they ever meet her they will stop at nothing to f**k her and wreck my sex life and my marriage. And I can’t stop thinking about it because it makes me so hard. I don’t know how to stop. I don’t want to stop.


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  • Have the same thoughts myself

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