I know most lesbians have an aversion to bi-curious women, and consider it an insult, which I can understand, but it is what it is. Just as you can’t control what you feel, I can’t control what I feel. I am happily married. I have a great sex life. I don’t want a relationship. I don’t want a threesome. I want to experience a woman. They don’t even have to do anything to me, though I would love it, I want to taste, touch and experience them. I want to know what it’s like. I just don’t know what to do with this.

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  • It is great felling to have another woman with her tongue deep in your pussy as you have your tongue deep in her pussy I also love it if my man is fucking my ass at the same time .

  • I had trouble getting into a lesbian relationship that I really wanted because I was just terribly over men I have been divorced twice and constantly only met real pricks.
    I found going to the gym and pool are the best places to meet nice fit happy good looking girls that also want a relationship, get the right sexy gear and it will not be long before your being wanted.
    I ended up with my choice of three and fortunately chose a girl about my same age 46 also divorced without children we have a lot of fun and plenty of the same interests we are thinking of moving in together but too many bad vibes in both our houses so we are thinking to sell both and buy a new one between us then divide the difference so we control our own money
    I am sure we will be OK

  • Good for you. Not sure how to make the first move. I really just want to have sex, not any relationship. Just eat pussy and suck some tit, maybe every week or so. I feel like a teenage boy.

  • Darling probably best to try a firm relationship with a nice girl, you don't have to do it all the time but at least you can get comfortable and get to know each other real well, remove your ring before going to the gym or pool they are certainly by far the best places, ensure you wear sexy gear and don't be ashamed to be seen nude in the change room by other girl's it clearly helps xxx

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • I have a girlfriend at work she is younger a bit shy and was from out of town so I sort of took her under my wing and we became good friends fortunately my husband who knows about our relationship works interstate quite often so I have the house on my own a lot, I started asking her over for lunch or to stay the night because I was lonely, initialy I had her sleep with me so we cuddled together all night then I started showering with her in the morning, when we met or parted we would kiss and I would pat her bum lingering a finger over her crack it did not take long before we were discussing our mutual feelings and then our bi relationship started, it has been 18 months now and it is just the greatest, hope you have some luck xxx

  • Honey I had the same urge, I’m married but wanted to say I did it. One afternoon a neighbor friend stopped by and one bottle of wine and some talking and one thing lead to another. All I have to say is awesome, she also had the same urge now that’s officially off my bucket list. We still get together before we pick the kids up from school.

  • Yeah, I don’t have any friends like that. At least none that I’m confortable bringing it up in conversation with. Atlanta women either hide it well or are too snobby.

  • What do you got to lose?? Like I said I thought it wouldn’t happen either but a good glass of wine and some small talk who knows what will happen. It will happen honey when you least expect it, I wish I could be there to have some fun with you.😘

  • You can come to my house!

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