I’m Gay and in love with my straight uncle

My uncle is incredibly handsome to me and I can’t stop thinking about the way he might fuck me. Every time I look at him I see us in bed together and always search for a dick print when he walks across the room, we don’t talk to each other and he has a girlfriend which I actually seem to bond with. Everytime we do end up saying anything to each other I fantasize even more about him and by the looks of it he has a very big cock, I always look at his print......

By the way I’m a Gay male and omg I know this Is wrong in so many ways, lord but I can’t get over the feeling. I’ll let him do anything to me and even if we just hook up once. I’m so scared to tell him how I feel or to seduce him because I don’t wanna get turn down or rat out about the situation. He’s very tall and I just want his arms around me and if only we just make out, that would satisfy me.

I try to fight this feeling because he is a bad person but I can’t stop thinking about him. Sometimes when he goes to shower I try to look between the crack of the door to see if he’s naked lol.......I know nothing mentally ill is wrong with me because I respect him as a person and I’m not a stalker or obsessed, I just really want my uncle to hook up with me just once.

22 days ago

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    • Oy vey I'm late for DragTime Story Hour with the 3rd graders!!


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