When was a time that you were caught having sex or doing sexy things? How did it turn out for everyone invloved?

I was recently caught by my bf with a cock in my mouth! Heres the back story.
Weve been in an open gay relationship for 3 years now. So bf went to run errands and said hed be back at 4pm. I had hours to kill so I ran to the store and I spot an older russian bear type guy. Totally my type! burly beard belly bald. My hand totally touched his dick and he didnt seem to mind when I bumped into him accidentaly ;) wink wink. Took him back home, which is perfectly fine. Weve both had guys over no drama. I sat him down on our recliner and started sucking his small but thick chode. I lean him back and put his balls in my mouth when just then my bf walks in! Shocked i pull back, balls still in my mouth! The sensation was so hard that he cums all over my face. Embarassed he pulls up his pants and runs away! So I was left there with my poor bf having to clean me up.

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