My parents are swingers

My parents are swingers. I found out one night when I was 14. I came home early from a friends place and I opened the door and saw my mom and dad having sex with another couple. I turned around and walked out. i came home 2 hours later. my mom and dad talked to me about it with was a little weird. they said they been doing it since I was about 5. well now I know why I always stay at my grandparents on Friday nights lol. at first I found it wired but got use to it. ever since I found out they don't hide it from me they would never have sex in front of me but they do kiss and cuddle and hold hand with others around me. when ever they have friends over they tell me to go in the basement and put headphones on lol.

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  • Get out of here karon potchie. get off to your no fuck island. if your father told you go get there and don't come back. you should be ashamed. shame on you karon.

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