Hot girl in the bar.

I was away at college and hanging out in a bar. It was the same thing every weekend. I was so board that I was ready to leave, when this beautiful long legged girl walked in. I was captivated by her smile.

As she walked by I said hello, and she stopped and introduced herself.
There was an instant attraction between us. We talked and talked, had a few drinks, then we left together.

We ended up at her house and in bed. The sex was wild.
In the morning we were kissing and had sex again. Only this time it was slower and more intense. We made love for a long time. We just clicked.

Almost immediately we started seeing only each other.
We both had admitted that we were lonely and horny, but we really liked each other.
She lived in the Midwest and I was from the Northeast.
We spent spring break in bed and made plans to stay in Florida for the summer too.
Around June I got work that my father had passed away, and I told her I would have to go for a week or so. She said she would go with me, but I told her I had to deal with this alone. We were not that close, he was very shifty.

I went to his funeral put on by he wife. My step mom, who was actually a nice person.
After I went into his study and was looking around at all the papers and crap.

I was board so I started reading his papers. I found my education trust fund, not bad. It had a million dollars in it.
It turns out my father was and investment banker with a heavy drinking problem.
So I saw enough, I was ready to go and glanced at another file and my blood ran cold. I stared at it for a long time. It was another education trust. For my sister. Her high school graduation picture was in there. I never knew I had a sister.
I felt hurt, I had been sleeping with my sister for the last five months.
The thoughts that raced through my head wouldn't stop.

Finally I made a decision. I took the files and put them in my backpack.

The next day I left to go back to Florida.
My girlfriend/sister/lover met me at the airport and was so happy to see me.
We started kissing and drove home.

After we got there I told her I had to shower her something. I opened my back pack an she had already taken her cloths off, and had pulled my shirt off and my pants down.

I was getting hard, but I had to tell her. I pulled out the files and showed her the picture of her graduation.

She stared at it then stared at me. We both looked at each other for a long time. The silence was the most horrible you could imagine.

She looked into my eyes and said "I'm pregnant."

I kissed her and picked up the papers, and took them outside to the grill.
I burned them as we both watched.

After they were just ashes, I looked at her and said, "what did you say?"
She smiled and said "I'm pregnant!" We made love in the back yard.
We never mentioned the papers again.
Her/our mom has met me and we both think she knows. She made a comment once, she said "my daughter has never been happier in her life, than when she is with you, don't let anything get in the way. It's no ones business."
We have two perfectly normal daughters and a son on the way.
** this is the only time I have ever mentioned this, I am not sure why I did, but we have been together nine years, and are still in love. But I do have to admit, Making love to your sister feels so natural, words cant describe it. **


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  • That's a really lovely story and good luck to you both!!

  • It is a good post. Good luck

  • Board? Like in a lumber yard or Home Depot?

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