How a bee led to a great afternoon

I was wasting time online one day just enjoying the fact that I had pretty much nothing to do but relax for a change when a post popped up from my neighbor. She was sunning on her patio and she posted a picture of a butterfly that had landed on her thigh just above her knee, I could see just a hint of her bikini bottom and the rest of her legs and feet in the shot and loved it. I gave her a thumbs up but then sent her a PM telling her that was one lucky butterfly, she sent me a message back with a photo attached that blew me away. She had taken a close up of her bikini bottom and I could clearly see the outline of her vagina lips in the fabric and it read that it must not have been a male because it would have landed here.
I stared at the pic trying to contain myself but she is really beautiful and before I could respond back another pic popped up and this time it was a close up of her top with a very erect nipple under it reading something about it being the perfect butterfly perch to land on.
I came up with a quick response telling her that both areas looked like a great place to land on anytime. Her responding message was amazing as I stared at her lifted up bikini bottom showing her waxed pubic area and it read that it could be dangerous without a landing strip.
I could hardly believe the pic as I stared at her perfection, I could not see the top of her vagina but just the sight of her waxed smooth pubic area and the fabric pulled up was so damn gorgeous. I wrote back flirting with her more and did not receive a response right away then I heard the gate open and close on the side of my house and she appeared walking around the corner. I could not believe how beautiful she looked in that bikini as she pulled off her cover up and sat down on the lounger, I asked her if she wanted something to drink and told her what I had in the house.
We sat out on the patio talking and flirting a bit more then she told me it was getting pretty hot out here so we went inside, I told her that picture of her pulling her bottoms out was definitely a hot one and she pulled her suit forward giving me a live view. I told her that it was even hotter live and started kissing her, minutes later she was completely naked on my bed and the afternoon went great as I explored her beautifully waxed vagina and the rest of her hot body. We get together often now and she is definitely a really sexy hot woman both in and out of bed.

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  • Yeah made up. As your original idea was to start the story about a bee. You then changed it to butterfly and forgot to edit the title.
    Le sigh......

  • Attention deficit disorder fucks up more stories than a few !

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