My husbands gets me to do things

I would have never in my life come up with some of the crazy sexy stuff my husband gets me to do, he is truly warped but for some reason I love it. There is some part of me down deep that gets turned on by doing fun sexy stuff but I swear I would have never come up with myself.
We went to Las Vegas a few years ago and when we came back from a day of hiking, gambling and shows I wanted to shower up and go to bed. We came off the elevator and as we were passing the snack and ice machine room my husband asked me if I would get the ice bucket from our room and fill it here at the ice dispenser. I was looking at him thinking, well sure why are you pointing all this out to me it has a button you push and ice comes out into the bucket. He smiled at me and kept point out that it was almost to the elevators and just past this or that, I kept giggling telling him he was being silly.
We got back to the room which was a good dozen down the hallway and he started kissing the back of my neck and undoing my outfit, I told him I was a mess and had to shower up first as he was sliding the last of my clothes to the floor. He took off his tie and wrapped it around my eyes blindfolding me then whispered in my ear and asked me to go get some ice. I felt the bucket against the front of me and I took into my hands, I was completely naked and could not see a thing but rather than saying no way honey I was replaying the whole scene of the hallway down to the ice machine and how to get the ice out of it. I was excited and had tingles running thru my body as he guided me to the door, I made it all the way down to the machines and found my way to the ice, put the bucket under the chute and began fumbling around for the button. It took several seconds to find it but I did and ice began filling the bucket. I had no idea if anyone was watching me, if they were I could not hear any voices at all. I let go of the button and picked up the bucket, felt my way to the opening and turned right. I started walking with one hand out in front of me and the other holding the ice feeling my way down the door openings and counting them in my head but there was no way I was going to find our room. My husband sensed this and told me I had about three more to go as I walked along, I heard another voice tell him that he wished he could get his wife to do fun things like this and my stomach knotted up. All I could think about was I had to look so stupid doing this, feeling my way down a hallway naked with a bucket of ice in one arm.
I arrived at our room and he guided me inside then I heard the door close behind me, I told him that was really fun and he could tell from my voice for sure. I laughed at him and told him good job freaking me out with another voice and he held up his phone to me showing me a video of me walking down the hallway towards the ice. When I was about halfway there a couple came out of the elevators and stared at me for a few seconds smiling, the woman had her hand up to her mouth but smiling. They walked away when I found the room and went into it, minutes later a man came out of the other elevator and stopped right in his tracks as he passed the ice room. He stared into it then after several seconds I came back into view, he was looking me up and down with a big smile on his face and he watched and followed me all the way down to my husband giving him a thumbs up after a few minutes. He walked passed me turning to get a good look at the front of me then made the comment to my husband as he walked passed him.
I was embarrased but turned on all at the same time, he kissed me onto the bed and we made love for a long time then took a nice hot shower before going to sleep.
The people in the hallways were not the only ones who seen me because the next morning there was an envelope on the floor by the doorway. I opened it up and there was a brief letter from the front desk asking us to please refrain from lewd behavior in the common areas of the hotel and while they want people to enjoy the hotel safety of our guests is always our main concern. All I could think about is someone has a security camera video of me naked holding an ice bucket feeling my way down the hallway and I was turned on by it for some reason.

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  • My hubby was also into similar things.At his friends place we were drinking in his hot tub and he got me to strip off and go in naked.At first I was nervous but when I saw how horny it got his friend I started liking the attention.When my hubby got out to get drinks his friend had a good feel of my bum and boobs.I just knew how the night would end.So when we got out of the tub I got my husband drunk and me and his friend fucked all night.

  • Hot tub sex is so hot! I gave my husband and a stranger BJs at the same time on vacation in an outdoor hotel hot tub!

  • Sounds like he wanted them all to fuck you, not just one friend. I would love to watch my naked wife play with a bunch of guys!

  • Sounds like my husband. In Las Vegas in 2016, he had me lay on the bed with no clothes on while he had a repairman come in.

  • I love a sporting woman!

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