I took my cousin’s virginity

Last week my little cousin started back up with her dance class. I know this because she recently added me on Snapchat, and she had a picture of her wearing her light purple tutu in the mirror. I was drunk when I saw it and I hadn’t seen her in a couple months so my dumb ass messaged ‘’Lookin good cuz’’ back to her. That started a back and forth between us, sending each other selfies with captions basically all afternoon until she went to the ballet studio.
A couple hours of no new snaps passed but finally around 8 she sent me a selfie of her lying on her belly in bed with two bags of ice on top of a towel that was draped over her butt and upper thighs. She captioned it ‘is ballet kicked my ass literally.’’
I sent a picture of me laughing and said ‘’now you’re a pain in both of our asses.’’ Less than a minute later my phone rang with her wanting to FaceTime. I answered as I was just relaxing in my bedroom watching tv. I didn’t really even think twice about the fact I was shirtless. As we chatted about nothing in particular she finished icing and got up to put the ice away. As she did, I saw she only had white bikini style panties on beneath her tank top.
I had tried to pretend I was just being a nice cousin this whole time but seeing that reminded me why I messaged her in the first place. She waddled slowly down the hall and said she had never been so sore in her life. I told her to get a massage and she said ‘’That seems like asking for Covid!’’
I said that I could probably use one too for my back tightness, and that I could help her out if she helped me. I could see her blush a little and she said ‘’if you want to I will’’ almost questioningly. I told her I could come pick her up and she told me to come at 10 after her parents went to bed. I felt like a sleaze ball but drove over there anxiously and she hopped in my car. She had put on some leggings but they just hugged her shapely legs. We didn’t say much on the ride and when we got back to my house I led her back to my bedroom where I had set up towels on my bed and some oil set out. I said ‘’me first’’ and soon I was getting a shoulder and back massage. I had pulled my shirt off and she sat on top of my butt and rubbed. After about fifteen minutes I thanked her and told her it was her turn.
She laid down and told me she wished she had shorts on but she didn’t know I had the massage oil. I told her she could wear a pair of boxers and she agreed. She changed in the bathroom and came back out and I got started. I worked her calves, up to her hamstrings and stopped at the bottom of the boxers. I repeated that motion a couple times then I went a little higher and slid my hands a bit under the shorts and was feeling her thighs and finally brushed the bottom of her ample butt cheeks gently. She quietly said ‘’I’d have worn different panties if I knew you had oil. Sorry cuz!’’.’’
I said it’s fine and told her it may be easier to do without the shorts on. As I said it, I grabbed the waistband and pulled gently. She just lifted her butt up to make it easier. She looked back at me and told me I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to.’’
I said it was ok and squirted some oil on her butt. Her cheeks were half exposed as the white panties had ridden up a bit on her. A little bit of oil got in the panties and I tried to rub it off but basically just smeared it as I rubbed between her cheeks. ‘If
Oops, I muttered as I grabbed a hand towel and wiped the oil mostly off. As a result her panties were pretty far in her crack and I rubbed her bubble butt and thighs. As I reached toward her inner thighs she spread her legs apart so I could reach. I could see the faint outline of her pussy lips and my half mast became a full erection. I asked her how she was feeling and she sighed and she said ‘’aside from feeling dumb for wearing the clothes I did, this is great.’’
I told her ‘I might have ruined your panties’’ and touched the oil spot that was spread around a bit, lightly brushing over her little box before giving her a playful pat on the ass, saying ‘your may want to leave those here for next time so I don’t ruin anymore.’’ She walked off to the bathroom with the boxers in her hand. She didn’t want oil on her Lulu Lemon leggings. When she came back she fell back on the bed and closed her eyes with her feet on the ground still. I looked down and the right leg of the boxers was flipped up and I could see right up. I saw her light brown bush that was fairly thin, allowing me to see her slit. She had her hands over her head and the tank top covered her small breasts, but didn’t hide her nipples from poking out. I asked her if she was ready to go and she got up and handed me her oily white panties. We walked back to her house to make sure my car didn’t wake up her parents. She gave me a big hug before she went around the back of the house and I headed towards home. My dick had been tucked in my waistband for the past hour. My phone buzzed and I got a picture from her into the mirror wearing a lacy purple thong and the same tank top. ‘’I’ll trade you these ones for my white ones. Those are my favorite to sleep in.’’
I just got up and started walking back and replied ‘’see you soon.’’ I came through the back way this time and as I walked up to her window she had taken off her shirt. Her dark brown nipples pointed out prominently off her little tits.’’ I told her I would be there in a couple minutes and watched her look at her phone then pull the purple thong down, now completely naked, head to toe. She put a long t shirt on that came down to her thighs. I told her I was there and she came over to the window and started climbing out from the basement. I walked towards her and tossed the panties towards her but it landed behind her. She bent over to grab them and her naked nubile butt was five feet from my face. She got embarrassed and quickly covered herself up but I just said ‘Holy fuck’’
She tossed the purple thong at me and I trapped them against my head with my hand and I could feel they were slightly damp. Without thinking I sniffed them as she looked up at me. She bent down and slid her white panties back on and giggled when the wet crotch touched her skin. ‘’That feels cold!’’ she whispered.
‘’Goodnight, Lily’’ I said as I stared at her eyes, before turning to walk away. I got a few steps away but then she said ‘’hold on’’ and ran towards me and jumped up so I had to catch her. One hand was holding her butt through her shirt but my other hand was on her bare ass cheek with my middle finger slid right between her gash. I was holding her up and when I tried to adjust my grip my fingertips slid inside her underwear and I could feel her fuzzy young bush and my fingertips touched her wet slit. She thanked me again and then leaned forward and gave me a peck on both of my cheeks and then planted a light one on my lips. After a couple seconds she pulled away but I kissed her right back and slid my tongue against hers and we started making out. I walked towards the side of the house still carrying her, my finger now sliding into her virgin pussy. I leaned her up against the house in the shadows and set her back on her feet. I got on my knees and pulled her cotton bikini down her legs and buried my face in her soaking wet pussy. She came in about two minutes as I licked her clit. I pulled the front of my shorts down to free my boner and she stared at it I gently guided her head down and felt her take my cock as far in her mouth as she could. She didn’t know what she was doing but I felt so turned on by the taboo situation. After a couple minutes, I pulled out of her mouth and picked her up again, shoving two fingers in her as she whimpered. I positioned myself at her entrance then let gravity do the work. I could only get halfway in but started pumping her slowly until slowly I got all the way inside. She bit my earlobe as I touched her bum hole and let my pinky inside half an inch. I I felt her orgasm squeeze my dick and came inside her as I . As I pulled out of her and kissed her neck, her phone buzzed. My aunt, her mom wanted to know where she was at. She pulled her panties back on and I got dressed and snuck off. . If anyone finds out I’m dead.


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  • Horny story. I fucked my cousin as well after a massage , and came in her pussy..oops

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  • Thats disgusting! You see it on porn but one thing you don't know is that they do anal bleaching before any anal starts dumb ass. For you scat lovers they bleach and have fake shit jammed in so when they poop it out and their Partners eat it. It is all fake. You can get Cdiff from doing that and if not caught in time will kill you.

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  • Fake incest propaganda.

  • Who could even tell it was so long I fell asleep

  • So what happened then?

  • They both fucking died

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