Lawn cutting

When I was in college my parents supported me doing a lawn cutting service to make money all summer. My dad had an old truck and he bought a trailer and all the equipment used so it was a pretty good deal being my own boss. I was out mowing lawns and getting new customers really well for about a month then just stuck to what I had for the rest of the time.
This one customer was a woman, nice outgoing personality, a little curvy and probably mid thirties. I usually was there during the week in the late afternoons but this time I had to push her to the weekend and showed up on a Saturday. I was in her backyard trimming around everything when I looked over and noticed her standing at her back patio door. She was watching me and what ever she was wearing for a top, it looked like just a plain white t-shirt from a distance but it was see thru and I could make out her nipples no problem. I kept an eye on her and ran the weed eater around things working my way closer to the patio, she slid open the door and waived at me so I shut down the trimmer and smiled at her. I did not have to watch my gazing thru my sunglasses so I just stared at her chest and told her good morning. She told me good morning as well then asked if when I was finished up with the yard could I come inside for a minute she needed a favor. I told her sure and my mind wondered what she wanted me to fix for her, probably a light bulb or smoke alarm battery, something pretty simple I figured.
I finished up and walked over to the patio door, knocked and she came right away still wearing that shirt with her boobs moving all over the place. She slid the door open and told me to come in please, I stood there by the door then leaned down to remove my boots. She looked at me and told me I looked really sweaty then asked me to follow her down the hallway. I watched her walking in front of me but the shirt covered most of her rear so I just stared at her legs.
We turned into a bedroom and I noticed right away that there was a towel on the floor. She turned around and kneeled right down onto it then told me she wanted to give me a blow job. She then took in a deep breath and had this look of sexual desire on her face, she then told me that she wanted me to take off my pants and underwear and just let her smell and taste me. It seemed a little weird to me that this woman would want to lick and suck on my really sweaty stuff but at the same time I was sort of turned on by her. I asked her if she would remove her shirt and then to my amazement she told me she would remove all her clothes if I wanted her to do it. I told her that would be even better and she did just that, she kneeled back down naked and I walked forward putting my cock right at her face.
She started burying her face into my crotch licking and smelling it all, she licked and sucked on my balls and cock like it was a dessert. I had a great orgasm with her sucking on me for like five minutes. I then decided that if this woman was willing I was going to have sex with her so I started getting on the floor myself and she just laid right back letting me lick and caress her body all I wanted. She was actually quite a great lover and we had sex numerous times that summer.

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  • I really get turned on with a sweaty man, not like day old sweat but like just finished working in the yard. My husband does not get it either when I go out to the garage or even once in the shed and just ask him if he wants a blow job. He always asks if he should shower first and I just tell him to drop is shorts, he smells so great and I just love that salty taste. Sometimes his testicles are wet with sweat and the underside of his shaft, just love it.

  • I love the scent of a sweaty guy's cock and balls, myself, yum.

  • Lucky boy

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