I want to be gang raped. The more men the better. I want them to use all my holes and make me scream. I want my hair to be pulled and to be choked, not just by their cocks. I want them to go so I hard that I beg them to stop, even though I know they won’t. At the end they will all cum in me one after the other until I’m overflowing. I’ll get pregnant and have no idea who the father is

1 month ago

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    • What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy?

      Gang rape.

    • Oh god yes! Sometimes I go to sports bars in my sluttiest clothes just hoping I get gangfucked on a pool table or better yet in a back room, but men have become such pussies now

    • You’re going to the wrong bars. Just saying! Haha! Make sure to come fertile so you can leave pregnant! That’s motto at our bar!

    • If you're buyin

    • Breeding parties are the best parties!

    • Ok dude. But one thing guys can't get pregnant!

    • I'm a dude and sometimes when I take a real big shit I pretend I'm giving birth. Then I look in the toilet and I realize the father was Black!

    • Yes'm, that's why every woman gazes longingly at groups of men, they're all thinking that same thing...

    • Fuck you lady balls you haven't even raped me!

    • Ew cuz you gross n shit

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