I have quite a few up skirt pictures of my wife posing in different places. Some are of her on a park bench or getting out of car and always in short skirt or dress where you can see that she is not wearing any panties and you can clearly see her shaven pussy. My wife is blonde and very beautiful but shy. These pictures “are for you and you only” she tells me. I even have one of her when we were in Cabo. We went walking on the beach. There were this group of older men sitting on the sand looking at the ocean and she walked past them in her short sun dress and just when she was about five feet in front of then with her back to them she bent over as if to pick up a sea shell. As she did this I was behind them and snapped a picture and you can clearly see her cute ass and shaven pussy from behind. Then she stood up and kept walking. The old men looking at each other not knowing whether to shit or go blind. I have asked her if I can post these pictures and that I would edit them so only half her face shows but she is having non of it. So my question to you guys is, have you ever posted pictures like this of your wife without her knowing? It turns me on know that guys would be looking at her and maybe getting off. Any thoughts?

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  • You can take pics up my skirt. I love the way my long cock feels pressing against the soft skirt material. Plus the way my balls dangle and sway as I walk around in heels.

  • Yes we have posted pics and would love to share and see yours.

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