My friend is dating my stepdaughter

My friend Gary is dating my 19 year old stepdaughter,he's 45,he tells me what she's like in bed! And she's really naughty,he's shown me pictures of her with his cock in her mouth,her amazing shaved cunt,im dying to show her what I've got of her! Id love to fuck her

17 days ago

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    • My dad is 48 and married my best friend Karyi and she's 22.
      Karyi and I have been friends since we were 10 years old. My parents got divorced when I was a junior in HS.
      During our first year in college, Karyi and I were roommates and had sex all the time. I transferred to a different university to work on my master's degree and Karyi graduated with a nursing degree. Karyi told me that her and dad started dating and during Covid 2020, had a small wedding. She became pregnant and now I have baby brother!

    • That is unbelievable unless you dad is a sugar daddy. If that's the case you should put that to a end. You lose the $60.00 inheritance you get when he dies!

    • My coworker/friend is sleeping with my 22y/o daughter, and he’s married. She says with med school she doesn’t have time for a relationship, she says she gets what she needs from him and that’s all

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