My Dad

This happened several years ago
Growing with 2 sisters and 3 brothers
I was oldest.
Mom was working nights when this happened.
I have posted before and it makes it more real when i put in writing.
Dad was drinking one night and when it was time for bed we had school the next day dad came and got me when everyone else was asleep and quitly had me come to living room.
I remember him saying i was oldest and I could stay up and watch tv with him later.
I set with him on couch. The lights were out. Had the glow in room from tv.
He asked me about boys and stuff and was asking me embarrassing questions.
He ended up having me take my clothes off and get under blanket with him.
I remember being embarrassed and then i was under him and he was fucking me.
He told me to just be still and quite.
It hurt some and he kissed me a couple times and I remember the smell of beer.
He made me promise to keep it our secret and i did.
I told my mom once but when she questioned me i told her he let me stay up late with him.
I chickened out and never brought it up again.
It was over 30 years ago.
I still to this day never talked about to anybody
And dad has never said a word
Its like it never happened.
But i know its not a false memory.
I remember being sore and red the next day. Im glad today i never reported it.
Besides that i had a normal life.
What is normal anyway
Hope this wasnt too many details.
Not ment as a sex story but a life happens story


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  • Do it again

  • Why wouldn't you have a normal life? But your age is an important detail that you've missed out. Were you old enough for sex?

  • How old were you?

  • Fake

  • So it only ever happened once?

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