Dad watched us

I was hangin' with my boyfriend in our game room downstairs and we were both feeling a bit randy. He asked if I wanted to go to my room, and I said no, my dad sleeps in his room nearby mine, so we should just have a quickie where we were downstairs. My dad works graveyard and sleeps during the day.

We started fucking doggy and omg my boyfriend felt so awesome. We just started having sex a few weeks ago and he's my first and I totally love it. It's our favorite hobby now. We both got off, and when we finished I sat up, turned around, and noticed my dad in the doorway. He didn't say anything but just left. I don't know how much he saw, but it was enough for sure.

A day later I was having dinner with mom and dad and my dad said "Was he good?" I wanted to fuckin' die. I was so embarrassed.

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