If you could would you have sex with your mom or dad? I've had sex with my mom when she was drunk and she thought I was dad. She was so totally out of it that she never once said anything about it the next day when I saw her in the kitchen. So she really thought I was dad but he was down stairs sleeping in front of the TV. I snuck into her bedroom and all the lights were off and she said to me that she wanted to make love and pulled me under the covers. After that I thought OK I'm going to get laid tonight even if it is with my mom

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  • Yes, if I could I would definitely have sex with my mom, and she knows it. Unfortunately, she's not interested herself - thinks it's too taboo. She did let me shower with her once, when I was 19, and we did make out once when she was drunk (she got topless, but never naked).

  • I got my wife pregnant while in high school I was 16 she was only 14 yrs old we ended up dropping out. I got a job she stayed at home and we moved to Las Vegas she got a job as a stripper. While we was both young I was doing construction and she made allot of money as well. It was the early 90’s and things was going good there and our sex life like always was great. She brought over a stripper friend and we had our first threesome. I returned the favor bringing over a few friends from work like my self two was very endowed one even more so. My wife wasn’t shy about enjoying his bigger cock and I enjoyed watching her climax. Our own sex life was great we both have a very high sex drive we started messing around in front of our daughter. By this time she was 9yrs old she smiled and would run her hands across us while we fucked. A regular thing building with kissing and caressing her I guess we felt like she was just apart of our love. So including her in our sex life felt so right in our mind as she would get naked joining us and sleeping in our bed. She had started puberty and was 11 yrs old we had already both licked and fingered her since to many time to count til the orgasmsd. While I have a very thick cock we had started using little dildos and little her use them to give her pleasure. That night my wife guided her on top after lubing her up and helped her relax taking me inside. She didn’t quite go all the way down my 8 1/2” cock the first time but got a good apart inside before cumming. Continued

  • My wife helped me fuck our 8-year-old daughter for the first time. She masturbates like mad when I suck on our 3-year-old's tiny clit and give her a cum.


  • Sick.

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