My gift to my new husband on our wedding night

I got married a few months ago and when trying to think of a special gift to get for my new husband I decided it would be my anal virginity! Over the years different guys have asked (including the man that's now my husband) and I've always said NO! But, I decided to give butt sex a try on my wedding night. My husband was really surprised and excited. It was uncomfortable (OK, it HURT) at first, but then started to feel nice. I had a couple pillows underneath me to raise my bottom up some. I was pressing into the pillows while he was in me and it actually started to feel good after a while, really good! I even managed to have a small orgasm. It felt kind of weird when he “finished” in me and I was a little messy afterwards. But, he really enjoyed his wedding present and I continue to let him "come in the backdoor" from time to time - Tricia

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  • Nice gift wish my wife would let me do her ass!

  • My gift to my husband was i made him watch me suck the cock of the nice sexy young waiter who brought us our champagne on our wedding night. I can still remember his hot sexy dark think cock going in and out of my mouth. Wish he fucked me instead of my new hubby. 😂

  • You gave the gift of divorce! He can now take everything and you get nothing. Then maybe your wish will come true.

  • It is said that the front door is for making babies.
    The back door is for practicing!
    So practic practic pracitic.

  • Good girl Tricia, letting your husband have butt sex with you!

  • That's hot

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