Sleeping with my boss

I’m 30, my husband 28. I slept with my boss before I was married. I quit for a time, but he’s so good. He knows more of what I want than my husband does. He’s 55, also married, and he sleeps with many women. My husband is much better endowed but that’s all I can say for him. It’s purely sex and will never be more, but he is so good. There’s also been financial favor from being more than his assistant. I know what that makes me but I can’t stop. It feels like a win win

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  • That's hot. I've been fucking my boss too, though it hasn't been at work. I'll go to his place. I'm 20 and he's 49. His wife is weird and doesn't mind, sometimes she'll be fucking someone too, so they have an open relationship evidently. My bf has no clue.

    What makes it hard to stop?

  • The thrill of cheating I find addictive. Not to mention he is such a good lover. Men won’t get this, but my husband is better equipped, but it’s about so much more than that.

  • Before we left the company my boss was fucking about twice a week for about 6 months! He was married in his late 40s. I loved sitting at my desk knowing just a few minutes before a had his cock in my. Fucking your boss is such a rush. Good for you!

  • It is a rush. And I get all the preferential treatment around the office now. Lol

  • Invite hubby next time and the older boss can show him what to do. Young men just don’t have it figured out yet. I’m 55 and it’s true. I kiss and give oral till she asks me to go in, when I do I thrust slowly and take my time. Stop a few times and kiss deeply.

  • This isn’t a bad idea. But he is very traditional. I have a hard time believing he’d ever be accepting. Not to mention there’s so much added excitement from the cheating.
    The way you describe your love making is him to a tee

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