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My parents 30 year wedding anniversary was yesterday and we decided to throw a big party for them. Many people were in town for the event and there were several people staying with me and my husband, including my cousin and her husband. Most everyone was staying in the rest of our house, but no one was allowed In mine and my husband's bedroom and bathroom. Early this morning my husband got up to go golfing with his brother. I woke up horny and considering my husband was out, I decided to get up and lock the bedroom door so I could have a little fun of my own. I quickly stripped off my pajamas, grabbed my toy from the night stand, and went to town on my vagina and clit. I quietly released an orgasm, clinching my mouth together so as to not let out a sound. As I laid back to relax and turn off my toy I heard a noise from the bathroom. I quickly asked who was there hoping I had somehow missed my husband not leaving. My cousin's husband stepped out and identified himself. I was so imbaresed that I turned 50 shades of red. I asked him how much he saw and he confessed to seeing everything. I thought I was going to die. I asked him why he was in my bedroom and he admitted that he really had to use the bathroom and my husband let him come in and use ours. I just happened to wake up before he left. He complimented me on having a nice body and then left the room.


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  • Did you tell your husband about it? If not ,it sounds like you may have met a new friend.

  • You should use him as your toy next time

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