Mouse sander ecstasy

One domestic evening my wife complained of a sore back and asked if I would massage and press hard into her lower back muscles. So she lay face down on the living room floor clad in her jeans and plaid flannel shirt.
After straddling her upper thighs and buttocks and spending about 15 minutes kneading and pressing into her back I told her my wrists were getting sore but I had an idea for replacing tired hands with something mechanical.

I retrieved a Black & Decker Mouse detail sander and a short extension cord and despite the fact this little appliance is rather loud and noisy turned it on and pressed the little unit (sans sand paper) into her lower back. She loved the vibration and the warmth. Venturing further I ran the unit up and over her buttocks with the denim of her jeans as a buffer and done the backs of her thighs and and over the backs of her knees and calves. Moving the sander in exploratory circular motions up the inside of her thighs she spread her legs to allow the little unit to caress the inside of her thighs.

It seemed she was very much enjoying the sensations especially as the edge of the sander worked up and down her ass cheeks or high on her inner thighs. It seemed she was getting quite aroused physically.

Without saying a word she rolled over and let the sander caress and vibrate her mound. Then she clutched my hand atop the sander and began both pressing it against her mound and tilting her hips up again its vibrating pad.

My free hand unbuttoned her shirt and pushed her bra cup cup off of her large tits and her nipple was swollen rigid. I was happy to rub and tug gently on it and squeeze and cup her boob.

In a first and unexpected moment she was humping the sander between her legs pressing her mound rhythmically and firmly against the vibrations and in seconds exploded into the most vocal moaning, gasping orgasm I’d ever seen her experience.

“OMG!” she said, “You can never tell anyone!”

Needless to say her panties were soaked when I undressed her to fuck her hard. That little mouse sure lit a fire in her pussy that night.

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  • Wow ive got one of those things. Im getting it unboxed now... my cunny is tingling thinking about it. Thanks for the tip.. literaly lol

  • Let me know your thought of the experience.

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