I am a 36 year old housewife and have been married 10 years but for the past year have been sleeping with my husbands dad.He is almost 60 but doesn't look it,he is a much better lover than my husband and does things to me that my husband never would,when he is inside of me he makes me feel a complete woman and I never fail to orgasm.I know this is so wrong but cannot stop myself.



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  • I have a thing for my Niece’s husband. We flirt a lot and have confessed out desires. But we agree on our boundaries. Still the temptation is there when I see him. We are in different states and when I see him the sexual tension is deep. He is smokin hot and I don’t know if I can last not having him for just one night. I’m glad I’m not the only person who is in this situation. I didn’t plan on this happening. It just did. Is it possible for this to happen and keep it a secret? Will I want more if we have sex ? Our connection is strong. We love our spouses but life is short. I’m 60 and he is early 40s. I’m certain that we would have done it by now if we lived closer. It’s fun right now but I’m not sure if I can control this urge

  • That's amazing

  • I had sex with my husband's dad once. It wasn't planned. He was doing us a favor and painting a couple of rooms in our house while I was having coffee with a friend in the kitchen. My husband was at work. My friend, who was single, mentioned that he looked sexy for an older guy. I agreed. She started flirting a bit with him, he got the message and eventually they started making out. I couldn't believe it. I watched them have sex for a bit and then they invited me over. I was conflicted, but horny at that point, so I went over and we had a threesome. We both rode him like a bicycle. It was terrific fun and a most memorable afternoon to say the least.

  • My wife is fucking my dad but only anal. She would never have vaginal sex with him. She is not a cheater. She would never give her vagina to him.

  • You’re a moron then. “only anal” and “she’s not a cheater”. It is cheating you dumbass and if you don’t think she isn’t giving it all to him you’re a moron!

  • That's just what you think. He is filling that pussy with his cum and you don't even know it.

  • I had a one-time dalliance with my father in law. I was separated and soon to be divorced from his son and had a problem with the house when the roof started leaking. My father in law came over to fix it, which was nice, since I was broke and needed help. He was really kind to me, even though I was on really bad terms with his son. I made him lunch and we chatted about the pending divorce, and he kept saying things like I was so attractive that I'd have no problem getting another guy, blah blah. He also mentioned that he hadn't been laid in years, since my mother in law wasn't into it anymore. I could tell that he was flirting, and I kinda felt sorry for him, actually.

    On his way out he gave me a big hug and it was kinda long, like he wouldn't let go. I thanked him and kissed him. He kissed back, and that's when it got surreal. It was like a massive headrush of endorphins or something. He apologized and said he should go, but I said "hold on" and unbuttoned his pants. I got him hard with my mouth and we fucked on the kitchen table. He didn't last long at first, a couple minutes, but amazingly he got it up again. I didn't think a guy pushing 50 could do that. He got me off a couple times and that was it. He left and I never saw him again. I remarried, so I have a new family and that afternoon is deep history.

  • I love fuckin my MIL, ever since she lost weight and is now attractive, her legs opened to any guy who gave her attention. When her husband found out he kicked her out and divorced her ass, and she came to live with us. It took about a year before she gave up that ass. The price to pay for living with me. And she has a bf now at the age of only 43.

  • My FIL has always been a sweetie. Last year he invited me to go hunting with him and one of his friends. My husband was overseas in the Navy at the time, so he wasn't there. I'm not really into shooting things, but it was nice to get an invitation to get out of the house. I had been very lonely. While they were tromping in the woods, I stayed back at the cabin and prepared for dinner.

    One night we all got pretty drunk and my FIL's friend was flirting with me. He was older (45, I was 23), but he was handsome and fit. He tried kissing me, but I pushed him away, and said, "I'm married, and yikes, my father in law is right here." My FIL just said, "It's ok, I won't tell."

    That was enough encouragement that I started making out with his friend. Pretty soon I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. It wasn't too long thereafter when I felt my FIL behind me pulling down my shorts and panties. His dick was 7" of steel. He fucked me doggy and he was very, very good. He got me off twice before he came. We fucked a couple of times that night, but never did it again.

  • Wow wish I was there watching xxxxxcc

  • You should..

  • All these comments are great! I would love to have a MFM adventure with a GF and her mom.

  • It would be a FMF

  • Lol

  • I am 26 years old been married for the past 5 years and last Christmas my FIL got me aside and we ended up having sex for the first time. When his cock entered me the first time I knew I was his when ever he wanted me. His son only has about 5 inches his dad god a good and thick 7 incher why didn't he pass it onto his son.
    Lately my husband leaves for work and dear old dad comes for5 his morning coffee being we live in the basement of his home and he comes onto me and I can't refuse him. I love his kisses, I love his fore play and I love it the most when he's giving me a good fucking and fills me with his cum. Some times as much as 3 times in a single day.

  • You lucky bastard to have do much cock

  • I'm in my 40's and have been married for about 10 years and I have been having sex with my mother in law. I am a contractor so I am constantly over her house doing remodeling for her. She is in her late 60's, divorced and still very good looking. One day I was working on putting in a new dishwasher for her in the kitchen. i had spent most of the day there. When I was getting ready to leave she asked me to stay for a drink. I told her that I should probably be getting back home. I ended up staying for one drink, and when I was getting ready to leave she whispered that she had one more thing for me to do. I asked her what that was. What she said next shocked me so much I asked her to repeat herself. She said "my daughter said you have a big one and I want to see it".
    As I turned and went for the door she stopped me and started to undo my jeans. I told that it wasn't right and I loved her daughter. She said that she wouldn't tell anyone and it would be our secret. So, I decided to see what she had. I pulled down my pants and showed her my cock. She was amazed at how thick it was and that her daughter was right. She started to lick and flick around my head and then took me all the way down while licking my balls. This woman gave fantastic head. I didn't last more than two minutes when I told her I was going to cum. She started to suck faster. I exploded with a hugh load of warm sperm into her mouth. She moaned with each spurt and swallowed everything. She said that I tasted better than her ex husband. As I left she said she had some more projects for me. That night I fucked my wife and she had no idea her mother had just sucked my cock a few hours earlier.

  • Fucking can never be wrong,just enjoy your self and fuck him every chance you get, i am fucking my mother-in-law and she is fifty five and i am twenty nine good luck to you.

  • I'm 21 years old and I fuck my mother-in-law and my mother. They're both widows and are thankful for my cock. I'm equally thankful for them letting me use their cunts, and for giving me blowjobs.

  • I first fucked my mother when i was fourteen, i walked in on her having a shower,i want to use the toilet and just walked in the bath room not knowing my mum was taking a shower and as i got my dick out she said that is a nice cock you've got there, i turned round in surprise as she stepped out of the shower and took hold of my cock. She was naked and said come with me and lead me to her bedroom. when we got there she stripped me naked and laid me down on the bed and proceeded to put my cock between her lips and sucked off. as i felt mum close her lips around my cock i said oh mum suck me suck my cock as she began to deep throat me as she began to swallowed my seven inch cock. As she was sucking me she was saying i've been wanting suck your cock for some time. She was sucking me for some time when i said Oh mum i'm cumming cumming ,she quickly pulled me on top of her taking my hard cock and buried it in her cunt and said now fuck son fuck me hard. it felt out of this world it was the first i had ever had my cock in a woman all being that it was my mother. i began to fuck her driving my hard cock into her womb, it was not long when i began to cum and said Oh mummy i cumming cumming do you want me to pull out, she said Oh no sweetheart cum in me fuck all your spunk in me and fill my womb with you seed and get me pregnant, so i fired at least six ropes of cum in her. afterwards we just lay there recovered from our sexual adventure. That was three month age she has just told me she is pregnant and i am going to be a daddy.

  • I did this with my son x he was sixteen x I sucked his Coxk until he came b thatoy what a cum x I took it and supported it and enjoying all the duckingking that he gave me oh fuck me my boy best ride ever oh fuck me MUM

  • Ewwwwwww.How can you fuck you own mother. That's very disguisting

  • It’s bullshit anyway.

  • Don't knock it there is no one better to teach you fuck than your mother.

  • I love raw sex with my mom

  • Wrong? Fucking is never wrong.

  • My gf has 32size boobs. But she is fucking hot during sex.We are in a serious relationship from last 3 years.Usually we had sex 2-3 times in a week.We love each other.Actually i have a serious addiction of masterbate due to which I usually cum in 5 min when I fucked her faster and harder.and she wanna get fucked harder and faster only... She luvvs it. Yesterday I was put my 2 fingers inside her pussy n fingering inside her like anything. She told me at that tym like that......fuck me like that. I wanna get fucked like that...faster and harder....When you will fuck me like that for half n hours.. It turned me on....but at the same time I feel embarrassed also that m not able to fuck her properly. I wanna satisfy her with my dick....Any Suggestions

  • Just buy a rubber cockring and dont stop after you cum!

  • Maybe he knock you up

  • Sex is sex.
    have fun

  • Alright, I know sex is sex but damn. At least divorce the guy first.

  • Get a life..sounds like your a tramp..hope you get caught...deserve what you get..blow up in your face...stupid

  • I was having at my hot older sister just before, during, and after her first marriage. Her ex was an asshole, and sister and I had great sex. It was her outlet and we both enjoyed it. Still do today. If what you're doing is your own outlet, keep going. Nothing wrong with it.

  • You should get what you need....
    I been fucking my son wife, Alicia, for years, she is a hot wiffie that needs a lot of fucking and seems my son can't give her enough, so she is my little slut....

  • My son often works away for months at a time. His wife gets desperate for a fuck, and I satisfy her. Her cunt is so hot, I cum up her at least twice on the evenings that she comes to my bed.

  • Fuck your dick

  • You're a scumbag. you put you're penis before you're son.

  • Your'e a disgrace! At least talk to hubby and offer him an opportunity to be with other women or is this the typical... "It's all about me, he's a bad husband"

  • When my FIL asked how our sex life was. I told him everything is fine except he won't do oral. My FIL now eats me whenever we get the chance. He loves my pussy.

  • Its nice to have oral sex with fatherinlaw. Incest sex is liked by many and you are nice to cooperate with your fatherinlaw.

  • Simply a disgraceful woman. Just try to be slightly decent and walk away from your husband.

  • 1 Tim. 5: 24Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after. 25Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.

  • I'm 42 and My ex girlfiends mom is 63. I've been fucking her mom for about 3 years, it started about a year b4 we broke up. Now we're fuck buddies and happy doing it. The sex is much better with her older mom. Love it.

    Don't be ashamed. Sex is good, natural, and fun.

  • 15 Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2 But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

    3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

  • Who told you this??
    Dont tell, an old Book. ..
    And you dont know anyone who has written it...

  • Omg...i know how you feel. My fiance's Dad...and my god he's sooo hot! I just met him yesterday. His parent's are divorced(Mom, cheated. She must've been crazy) Anyway, Zac, my bf, lives with his Mom. His Dad came up to meet me. His gorgeous eye's were all over me, I knew he def approved! I got so wet thinking about him. I know it was crazy, but, he really excited me. After dinner, he said he was heading back to his hotel. That he hoped we could spend more time with us the next day, and get to know me more but, Zac told him he had to work. I couldn't let it pass without asking where he was staying. He told us the Hilton. I know I shouldn't have, but, I went to his room later that night. To make a long story short, we fucked almost all night long. He made me cum like nobody ever had. I even swallowed his load...a first for me, and loved it. We came to a very good arrangement...this stops when I'm his dil........maybe!

  • Is there any chance you could try to be just a tiny bit decent and walk away from your BF and give him an opportunity to meet a decent woman. Fancy engaging in this type of behaviour then saying it will stop when your'e married to BF. Your'e just a disgrace to women.

  • Like maybe sooner or later, but surely.

  • It doesn't sound as though it will ever stop. But go for it girl; enjoy him while you can. Life is short and besides, older men need love more than younger ones do. That's my belief anyway! They certainly are more appreciative and won't likely take a young beauty for granted as young guys often will.

  • My son is my life and he fucks me every nght x so cucking brilliant x so much better than his dad who only has a 2 inch Vick x much prefer a big 9 in her ha beaut

  • You got that right for he can keep himself up for hours fucking me his son once he cums that's it and it's over.qdnz

  • All you women who are hot for your FIL. just think about the shit hitting the fan when you get caught. Not only will you ruin the relationship between yourself and your husband, but you will ruin the relationship between him and his father. If you don't love him, then divorce him or go find someone else to fuck; don't destroy him, because that's what this would do.

  • Yea maybe but you say this to them what u be doing here reading it

  • I totally AGREE!

  • My dad and I used to share girlfriends all the time. I got quite a few of his GFs daughters and he even got several of my GFs mothers! You need to get your husband involved in your sessions with his dad. His dad won't be around forever and maybe your hubby can learn some things from ol' dad before he passes away!

  • Plus it is always great to be able to fuck a pussy that your dad or brother has just cum in. I love sloppy seconds and I have had the pleasure of fucking a cunt that my dad has cum just filled with his hot cum and he has had the same pleasure fucking in my hot cum. My dad is 67 and I am 38. His next door neighbor is 53. They are fuck buds. My dad has been fucking her on and off for a bout 5 years ever since she moved in next to him. About 2 years ago I went to visit him on summer afternoon and he didn't hear me knock. He front door was open an the front screen wasn't locked. I went in expecting he might be in the shower or in the backyard. As I went farther in the house I heard moaning and thought that he might have fell and went to see about him. When I rushed into his bedroom he was just pulling out of her and laying back exhausted. Her wet gapping pussy and his cock leaking cum out of the foreskin greeted me. He just said "Hey son" and Katheryn grinned and said. "your turn" I just stood there with my mouth open. Finally my dad said, are you just going to stand there or are you going to get naked and fuck her too. I just dropped my shorts and boxers and pulled my tshirt over my head and toed off my dockers and climbed on. My cock was already hard. She held up open arms and I slid right into her. I swear that was the most wonderful fuck that I have ever had in my life. My cock going into a wet pussy that has been filled by my fathers hot cum. That was the first of many times we have shared Katheryn since then. At least once a week or if I have been out of town on business two weeks. She either comes over to my dads when I get there or we go over to her place. Sometimes I go first and sometimes he goes first. I normally fuck her two times either way. One cold snowy weekend we fucked from Fri. early evening till Monday morning. On and off the entire time. I am not dating anyone nor or either of them. We are just friends with benefits. It is working well for us.

  • Unfortunately, my father died 7 years before I met my wife. He was only 56. But if he were still alive, I would be more than willing to allow him to do a little pumping between my wife's legs. I know he would have been willing because it's a well known fact that he was quite the horn dog in his day. And from what she has told me about her past, I believe she would have let him between her legs with very little effort on his part.

  • So you married a slut.

  • Our daughter recently got married, since then I have noticed my husband is what I can only describe as lusting after her, he is always watching her he comments on her bottom and breasts he frequently touches her bottom when he thinks nobody is watching, and she is not objecting to this in fact she is enjoying his touch she smiles when he touches he does it, I frequently notice a swelling in his pants when she is around, at times they disappear together.
    Have I got a dirty mind?.

  • Hi Jess no your mind is correct your husband is lusting after your daughter I know because I'm a dad doing the same wanting and being turned on by the idea of having sex with her

  • Yes, you DO have a dirty mind. Good on you!
    that doesn't mean your suspicion is either true or false.

  • Do you mind hubby wanting to fuck daughter? Would you want in on it also?

  • Why is it so wrong to have your father-in-law in side you, it seems that your husband isn't satisfying you sexually, your father-in-law isn't a blood relation so what's the issue I suppose is the next thing to incest may be that's what makes it so good, the more the sin the bigger the thrill, carry on keep it in the family

  • I have a step-grandson who recently got married. I have been fucking his wife a couple times a month since then, unbeknownst to him. I have also been having male bonding activities with him for many years that she knows nothing about. I will have to tell both of them what is going on one of these days 'cause I think a 3-some with them would be a lot of fun

  • Five months ago I got married to my husband and last week I ended up letting his dad take me. God it was so awesome and now I can't go on without his cock. It's a lot bigger and a whole lot thicker than his son's and I guess that's why, but the way it all started was at a pool party and I was wearing a thong bikini and his dad came onto me making some comments about how I was turning him on and about a hour later I went into the kitchen to get some more ice and he followed. As I was bent over the freezer getting the bag of ice out he came up behind me taking hold of my hips pulling me closer to him I could feel his massive hard on pushing against my ass, I tried to pull away but I made it worst. His hands cupped my breasts and he immediately began to play with my nipples making them hard and tingly and he continued to press himself even harder against my ass then I felt one hand pull my bikini bottoms down a bit and his cock went right between my legs and he began to fuck me. OIh god I wanted to scream out but I didn't I began to press back against him thinking it would be over in a minute but boy was I ever wrong. It seemed like he fucked me for a hour but in reality it was about 5 minutes till he filled me with his cum. l and then he wouldn't let me go he began to kiss my neck making me want him all over again but we had to stop for we heard voices and sure enuf we no sooner got back dressed and in walked another couple. I got the ice and went back outside and I could feel his cum starting to leak from me so in the rest room I went. It seemed like forever it took me to soak up all of his cum and doing so my mind went back to getting fucked from behind by my husband's dad, I couldn't get it out of my mind.
    Now my father in law comes to our house almost daily when my husband is at work and yes we have sex, god do we have sex.
    I think we have had sex in every room of the house and I can't stop letting him take me.

  • Married woman at a pool party with your father in lawattending and you are running around in a thong. What a slut.

  • You american women are such whores.

  • I fucked my daughter-in-law a week after they came back from there honeymoon. I walk in to the kitchen one morning and saw her looking a bit sad and said why such a sad face what's wrong sweetheart, she said well it's your son he as not fucked me yet. I said why's that then i don't know dad she said i think he's unsure off him self he is still a virgin. I look at her and said well he don't take after his old father then i said i'd have been up you like a rat up a drainpipe.She said your not old dad your just mature and i bet you would have fuck the arse me by now,i said yes i would if you'd give me half a chance,she looked me up and down an said well now your chance and pulled me into her and kissed me and worked her tongue in inside my mouth. As we kissed i lowered her down on the carpet. i slid my hand up her blouse took hold of her tits and played with her beautiful nipples after we had been caressing each other for some time we started to undress each other till we were both naked. I looked at her naked body and said Oh you are so beautiful you gorgeous girl and i can't wait to bury my eight inch cock all the way up your viginia, so are you still a virgin then i asked her yes daddy but i hope it won't be for long so please fuck me daddy and make me a woman, so i started kissing her and opened her thighs and slowly put my cock against her cunt lips and pushed it between her pussy lips as they parted allowing my cock to enter her. she was saying over and over Oh Oh yes daddy yes yes fuck me fuck me give me all your cock and fuck me hard,so i drove my cock all the way in her and fucked. we were fucking for about twenty minute when in could feel my ball were about to flood her with all my cum and fill her womb with all my baby making spunk.I began to shoot all of my spunk into her womb and said Oh yes baby take it all and i hope i have made you pregnant with my grandson. We still fuck one another now and then and i did get her pregnant with my son/grandson.

  • I have been wanting to fuck my daughter-in-law for some time now she often bend's down so i can see her tits and i am sure she is giving me the come on. my son is going away on a course next week so i am going to try and push my luck and get between those gorgeous legs of her and fuck the daylights out off her. wish me luck.

  • I would love to see my wife getting fucked by my Dad.

  • I would love to be cuckolded by my wife with my father have him come over and her waiting for him in sexie st lingereie and watch them make out like boyfriend and girlfriend and each them fuck in owe wedding bed

  • I know its unusual but I would like to see my wife take it up the arse with another man, I know it sounds odd, I get hard just thinking about it
    comments please

  • My wife just showed me this post ???? she thinks it's so hot and sexy. she was that horny we had sex.

  • So what relative will you let her mate with ?

  • I have sex with my Father in Law, he's in his 60's but out preforms his 34 year old son. The first time we f****d was so erotic, and dangerous. We was at home and my husband was repairing his fathers car it was a hot day and I was wearing a blue bikini and sunbathing in the garden, my Father in Law was flirting with me and I knew he wanted me, this made me so horny. I went in to the kitchen to get some cold drinks, I could see my husband under the car from the window, when his Dad walked in and he put his arms around my waist, I should have pushed him away but it felt so good and naughty, I reacted by pushing my bum against, him much to my surprise and delight he had an erection I told him how good that felt, then he asked if I wanted him to f**k me, I leaned against the fridge and said "YES". He pulled down my bikini briefs and unzipped his trousers and put his hands on my hips, and spread my legs a little with his feet and pushed deep inside me. I could see my husband get out from under the car, I almost wanted him to walk in and catch his Dad f*****g me. He glimpsed over to the window and smiled at me but couldn't see his Dad behind me Ken then went back to working on the car. Tom (fil)by now had started to tense up, I knew what was happening so I leaned on the fridge just at the moment Tom climaxed deep inside me. After that I had to go upstairs and catch my breath and clean up. When I came down stairs, Tom was outside chatting away to Ken in his usual calm way, I was still shaking nearly an hour later.

  • For the past three months my father in law has been coming over to my house every single day and he has sex with me over and over. I guess that's what I like that and being without commitment. Besides he is a much better lover than my husband who's a lot smaller.
    It all started at a party we were having and I was doing loading up the dishwasher and he came up behind me and started in caressing my back and hips, at first I didn't pay much attention to it till he pressed his cock against my ass and I had no trouble telling it was hard as a rock and I was turning him on.
    He began to whisper things into my ear kissing me on my neck and his hands cupped my breasts pulling me even tighter against him then we heard someone coming in and he pulled away from me and I continued to load the washer like nothing happened.
    Dear ole hubby passed out from drinking to much and I took him to bed with the help of his Dad. In the bed room he made several passes at me even rubbing my pussy with his hands and I kept pushing him away then he thru me down onto the bed and got on top of me with dear ole hubby right beside me passed out, His Dad pulled my panties down and off my legs leaving me at his mercy for he's three times my size and I wasn't about to holler out causing embarrassment to me and Dad so I let him have his way with me thinking it would be over quickly and he'd be on his way but No He fucked me for the longest time and I couldn't help it I started in cuming on his cock over and over and I was becoming weaker by the moment and I was loving his cock then he shoved his cock deep into me and I couldn't help but press back against him and he gave me his cum. I didn't think he was ever going to quit, he kept fucking me making me cum on his cock three more times and we layed there holding eachother and kissing. That was the start of it all and now it happens daily during the week while my husband is at work and sometimes during the night when he's asleep for he goes to bed early.

  • Sounds exactly like my step dad.
    He first got me on the kitchen floor and ever since then which is about daily we have had sex in every room of the house even in the back yard many times. I cannot say no to him for he is such a great lover and has a much larger cock than his son who only has about 6 1/2 inches Dad's is almost 8 and super thick and his head swells to about twice the size of the rest of it when he cums and god does he cum.
    Yes he takes Challis to keep him up and yes he has had many erections that has lasted well over four hours but it don't seem to bother him any and I love it. He has made me into his cum dumpster and just recently taken me anally which now I love and what he calls his motor boat drives me insane for he makes me cum on him so hard and long it is almost unbelievable. His touches are out of this world and I love him so deeply yes if I ever divorced my hubby we would get married for we have even talked about it many times but for right now he is my lover and what a lover he is. He is 57 I am 22

  • My father in law wants my ass so bad he can fucking taste it. I've been tempted to feed it to him several times, but so far I haven't done it. I guess it's mostly because I've only been married for like 8 months and I actually do love my husband. Still I think about letting his dad inside A LOT. We flirt like mad, and we say nasty filthy things to each other (when nobodys around). When he asks me outright I've always said 'no'. But I don't said 'never'. And believe me, that perverted horndog understands the difference. He won't quit until he's hit it. But once he hits it, I doubt that I'll let him quit it, because I have the suspicion he's hung like a fucking horse, and I wanna ride. And not get down off that thing.

  • Loving your husband has nothing to do with it. I love my husband. I like my boyfriend. I like my lover too.

  • You don't know a thing about love, you dirty whore!

  • That dirty whore is likely a dude.

  • Phew! Thanks god love, respect and commitment has nothing to do with relationships. Obviously you allow hubby to date other women and possibly have a girlfriend?

  • I'm 61 and my 38 year old wife tells me the same thing, only
    I'm not sure I believed her until I read your confession.
    I needed that

  • Wow! That's really great! How long have you guys been married to each other? Were either of you (or both of you) with other people when you first started dating? Thanks!

  • every since i read these posts i have started looking at my father in law different. its weird but its also hot. wow!!!!

  • Any update

  • Yes, puhleeeeeze tell us more about your situation??

  • Plz tell how u do this?

  • sooooooooo hot!!!!!

  • yours may be the sexiest post thats ever been on here. thanks for sharing it with us.

  • In addition to being the sexiest, it may also be the most private and most beautiful. It's like a romance novel. I love the secrecy of it and how risky it is. It must be thrilling to have him in your life and in your bed and in your heart and between your legs. It's a wonderful arrangement. (And I like the idea, too, from one of the other posters that you should discuss the possibility of children with the father-in-law. WOW!!!!!!)

  • If some 60 year old fart can do that for you, congratulations to you both. Some people, male or female, are natural lovers and some aren't. Bet the old guy is having the time of his life.

  • Some 69 year old fart! Hell when I was 30 I meet a guy that was 86. And he rocked my world. I was a little hesitant at first but when I finally started to have sex with him I wish I had meet him when I was in highschool. Not only did he have a very big cock just over 9" and he had no problem keeping it up. I have never been with a guy that could fuck the way he could fuck. We were then together 2 1/2 years until he had a bad stroke that he had to go into a home. He only lived for another month after that. That was in 2001. I miss you Paul!

  • sweet jesus! you girls are making me horny for my father-in-law! i have had those thoughts and dreams and fantasies before but i tried to put them down cause i thought it was too weird but now your making me think i could have him! i have to go see him and my mother-in-law tonight and i am afraid now to go and afraid of what could happen!

  • The next time you go over to visit the FIL/MIL wear a loose fitting blouse or shirt and manage to lean over in front of FIL a couple of times. Wear a skirt and no panties and try and give him a flash or a couple. wear a short skirt and no panties when all of you go out and flash your pussy at him. Ask him to come over to the house to fix something like a clogged drain in the kitchen and wear as little as possible. he will come around a lot more often if you are wearing less. Let us know whats happening.

  • Lol..then what happened ?

  • :) I just like TOTALLY lost all my nerve. I decided I was going to wait for us to be in the room alone and then tell him about this post on the internet where a married woman was having this hot affair with her father-in-law behind the back of her husband, and I was sure he would pick up on my vibe, but then when all the others left the room i waited tooooooooo long and then he started talking about something else and before I could stop him and tell him about what I wanted (his dick) my husband came back in the room, and I couldn't make a way for me and my father-in-law to be just one on one.

  • Sorry to sound needy, but i think a lot of us want to her how this all starterd, who made the first move? what does your F-I-L do that your husband dont, describe the sex and maybe some of the stuff you guys have done to not get caught

  • I think we need some details cuz some of us really want to know how this started and i would like to know what exactly does he do that your husband dont

  • Same here........thanks!!!

  • i agree too.

  • u should secretly have a child by the father and let everybody believe your husband did it.

  • It's the feeling of being completed when he's buried deep inside your body that will keep you going back to him. And, if I may, it's the reason that you will wind up with the father, rather than his son. Good luck!

  • this is so hot. please tell us more about your relationship.

  • my f-i-l makes me wet. we flirt sometimes and every time we do that i get so hot between my legs that i just want to climb up on him even right in front of everybody. its almost something thats out of control for me. i mean nothings ever happened yet but sometimes i wish it would start and just keep going on.

  • I know exactly what you mean for my FIL gets to me in the same way ever since the first time he kissed me right on my lips right in front of his son when he introduced him to me and vise versa.

  • I love what your doing and I have soooooooo many questions, but I'll just one for now. How did this start to happen? I mean, who came on to who for the first time?

  • My FIL came onto me the first time, He was high on weed and he practally raped me but once he started in fucking me I fucked him back for it wasn't the fact that he was bigger for he wasn't but he sure knew how to please a woman a lot better than his son. Plus the idea of doing something so TABOO. Now three to seven times a week he comes over for coffee but it isn't coffee he gets.

  • My FIL and I both were smoking weed one day and we started in playing a round of Twister and he started in rubbing his hard co ck against my ass and before long he did without my shorts on and he took me analy the first time and I swore to myself he could have me any time he wanted and he's been my lover ever since about 4 times a week.
    I found that I can't say no to him for he pleases me a lot more than his son does.

  • i fantasize about my father-in-law but have never acted on it. congratulations on trying yours out. i envy you big time.

  • If you want him, and he wants you, and each of you satisfy the other's needs, then just relax and enjoy all the fucking. And all the delicious cheating!

  • I agree with the first commenter: this is a damn hot situation and you really should not ever stop it! Nice job!!!

  • for what its worth.............i think its sexy as all hell. keep going!!!

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