I have held it in all these years

This i difficult for me , and yes it is true . when i was seventeen i was raped by a couple of Black men , they held me in this home for over 24 hours , i was afraid , and only being seventeen i was no big kid , they had me do all sort of sexual things to them and to myself . yes i was fucked , yes i swallowed their cum . it hurt like hell! , i was afraid they would either beat the hell out of me or worse . i gave them hand jobs and suck them off as well as them fucking me . finally i was let go , i was to ashamed to tell anyone or report it . so i have carried this with me all of my life ! i am 66 now and lately i can't seem to stop thinking about men's dick's . i find myself looking at them ! all colors and sizes . and tranny women as well . the desire to touch and take their cum haunts me constantly . i am married now , and all i can think of his having another man in my mouth . do men have these feelings when something like this happens to them . i am not gay but being bi , i wonder .my wife does not know of this .


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  • I held it in for all these years of wanting to fuck my mom. Spending so much time together the last few months has made us very close. I told her that I thought of her sexually, and it was music to my ears when she said she too wanted to have sex.

  • Nice, I'd love to fuck my mum! All those years when I lived at home until I was 29! Reality should of tried because looking back I think it could of been possible and feel regret :(

  • I'm 63 and a bi-sub bottom ,because at 11 I was GANG-RAPED by 8 older guys and I LOVED IT !! I also like to BUTT-FUCK young girls and boys ! Any guys into
    either fucking me or doing young ass hit me up at
    kengellinger2@gmail.com and we'll both get off !

  • What you held in was your asshole from it shooting off into the great voids of space. Looks like a huge black hole about to swallow the entire universe.

  • Just another faggot who can't write very well. Thank our public school system. Now they will learn from the rest of the idiots on the internet as schools are all closed for the foreseeable future. Another poor lonely person desperate for attention. I hope he gets fucking in the ass and a mouth full of cum real soon.

  • He gave them hand jobs as well as sucking them off and getting their huge BBC's in his little asshole. Didn't you read the whole story. It's his whole wish list. Maybe Santa will bring him to black rapist and drop them down his chimney if he's a good boy.

  • LMFAO! I just hope he gets raped and real soon. Maybe he should go to a BLM protest with rape me written all over his bare naked ass. He will get fucked very quickly.

  • So he likes being raped by black men fantasies and swallowing their cum. Nice asperations don't you think? Yep a real loser for sure.

  • He wishes a couple black men raped his ass. What a fucking putz . Idiot!

  • Yup just another faggot with too much time on his hands. Got tired of looking at free porn I guess.

  • Jesus fucking Christ . Your spelling says you are either maybe 10 or 11 or a foreigner. Your story is made up bull shit. Terrible writing you should go to Hollywood and write for them. You'd fit right in with that group. Maybe you wish you had been raped. The only thing that was raped was your cock by your two hands stroking so fast you shot yourself right in the face. Then you ate that yummy cum.

  • My mother was raped by these two men who just happened to be passing by our first floor apartment. They saw her dressing in her bedroom window. They came and knocked on our door. When she answered they forced her way in and then they raped her in front of my brother and other sister. It was terrible as we watched her stripped naked and then they took turns with her. I will forever be scarred by what they did to our mother. I don't really appreciate people like you making light of rape . My brother is still not right and this happened back in the early 80's. Get some help please and stop posting stories like these.

  • You think about this often don’t you?

  • Yes I do a lot! Do you knows someone who would help me get my wish? Please rape me and fill my holes full of big huge black dicks.

  • Okay bend the fuck over and say please. My huge fucking cock is waiting for ya. I have to use some smudge paint to make it black first.

  • Omg then why would you come here

  • What a wanker, bet your pulling yourself reading this fiction

  • Wanking looking at rape porn . I love rape porn. My favorite is black men raping sexy white bitches and sticking their big cocks in her mouth. My little white dick gets super hard.

  • As w2q2ell I know. I am 23 and my neighbors son who's 19 hasd been fucking me daily for the past 4 months. He see me and he says once he gets aroused he can't stop till he fills my7 pussy with his cum and man does he ever.. LaAST 2W3EEK HE SLIPPED AND WENT RIGHT INTO MY ASS JUSTAS HE STARTED TO CUM AND HE RAMMED HIMSELF BALL DEEP INTI ME FILLING MY ASS WITH HIS CUM AND MAN DID HE EVER BRING ON THE ORGASM I cam si hard all I want ed was more of his cvock in me filling me to my brim.,

  • Your compassion is overwhelmingly.

  • Similar to your bull shit story, clown

  • Just another fucking faggot wishing for a cock in all his holes. Maybe you could help him out.

  • Sorry it's my fantasy you fucking idiot. Let me have my fantasy please you asswipe. OK!

  • I was in love with older black man 44 years old i eas 16

  • You mean 16 year old boy cruising for a bruising don't you ya faggot?

  • I'm sure she does from all the times she has fucked you in the ass with a strap-on.

  • Always a smart ass idiot on here . how many secrets you hiding ?

  • You mean the ones like how you slept in your mothers bed and masturbated until you were 17. Ones like that? Ops ! Sorry did I spill the beans. He! He!

  • I have been fucking my mom for over a month now. She has a great body and I just love fucking her.

  • I love fucking your mommy too sonny. Now leave the real big cocks to her . I might have to come to your house and pull your shorts down and give you a real good ass fucking. Oh yeah that's what you really want isn't?

  • Hmm ? more power to ya ! hope she is worth it !

  • I wanna rape your ass oh yeah I wanna rape your ass. Now who sung that besides the OP?

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