Over Protective Parents Listen Up!

My parents were afraid that I would end up following the crowd of bad kids if I continued in public school. So they sent me off to a Christian school in second grade. It was a pretty cool school though and I made lots of friends. One of whom we did lots of wild and crazy kid stuff getting into normal kid trouble. After sixth grade they sent me to take test to see if I would be eligible for a even stricter Christian education starting in 7th grade and finishing in 12th. This is when things got really crazy. Guess what parents? I found the kids they hoped to keep me away from. Yep, how about that. I soon was rebelling breaking all the rules. Drinking, smoking pot, taking various other pharms. Oh and then the sex started. Yes even sex in a Christian school. Like how about getting it on with a girl in the lower school chapel. Yes I did. I was just having some good old fashion fun. I came really close to fucking a girl when we decided to skip our mandatory chapel service one Thursday. I fingered her and felt her up on a teachers desk. I was so bad and didn't care one little bit. I made out and felt another older girl up in the high school boiler room. In the art classes storage closet one time also. Not say the least I first fucked a girl at my house while my mom cooked dinner. Then at her house also while her parents were away on a trip and she was staying with her elderly grand mom. Lots of hot sex all before I graduated. Lucky I didn't get anyone pregnant either. After I graduated I returned to our school that summer. I was with a girl who was going back to public school for her senior year. We gained entry into the second floor of the high school using a ladder so nicely left behind the school. We ran around the place and soon decided to get naked. We fucked in the teachers lounge, she sucked my cock in several of the classrooms including in the science labs on one of the center lab tables. Then we ran around from room to room making out and performing sex acts on one another. It was a great time. We laughed about it in my car doing a huge burnout for several hundred feet of the parking lot. We wondered about what if the teachers and students knew what we had done when they came back in the fall. My cock and her pussy juices smeared across the science lad table and several of the students desk. Oh and the sofa in the teachers lounge. So parents you can't protect your kids even in a very controlled school situation. Nope not one little bit.


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  • Good to hear mindless fucking and public exhibitions of sex take place in schools. Teenagers need to grind those hot bodies together regularly to keep fit and clear their minds for study.

    I'd just like to be allowed to watch sometime.....

  • I would spank the fuck out of you until you were good. You are very bad and should have received daily whipping on your naked bare ass until it was so red and hot and you cried. Then I would have whipped you even more. You would have been a good boy after about a week or so. You need to be spanked so badly.

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