Am I normal

Every time I see a woman I imagine what it would be like to fuck her. I imagine her facial expression as she cums and it make me so hot. I have actually taken pictures of girls with their permission and I have masturbated to it. I have noticed that the hotter the girl is the more powerful the orgasm. Am I normal, or am I sick just because I like feeling a girls pussy spasm around my tongue, fingers, cock, whatever I can use. I am addicted to seeing their contractions as the cum. Do you think I'm a pervert?


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  • I think most guys do that, at least sometimes, especially if the woman is hot and looks gettable. Bartender who worked at my usual place was like that (before they fired her). Hot, sexy, and looked a little "wrong side of the tracks". Tanned skin, so-hot body, had the bigger, cocksucking-looking lips..And crass-type attitude.

    I'd often look at her while chatting, and think..Holy shit, Kara..I'd fuck the daylights out of you just to see you pulsate and slam against the bed, arching your legs into the air and making you soaking wet. Even as she worked away from me, I'd eye her up and envision myself grabbing that beautiful mane of auburn hair and throwing her down for a hard fucking.

    Thing is, if she weren't so slut-looking, she'd be a very beautiful woman. Just comes off as such a cum dumpster, it's easy for guys to think about having at her. I saw her changing into her work shirt in the parking lot last Summer, and got a quick view of her marvelous tits. That also got me going for her.

  • Damn why dont you fuck me then? fuck my wet tight pussy

  • U can call me up girl.U r giving comment "Damn why dont you fuck me then? fuck my wet tight pussy"

    Catch me in

    Waiting 4 Ur reply with all Ur details

  • Ok sounds like fun

  • Nah...

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