Meeting the neighbor

So we have been living in our new house for a year now. Our neighbor has a privacy fence. Our house has the master bedroom upstairs with a full bath. I had gotten home from my workout. My husband was asleep on the couch in the den. I had just showered and went to open a window. Then I noticed the neighbor.

I had never purposely looked over in the neighbor's yard. I was still naked but I pulled the blind up to let some light into the room. I noticed the neighbor had a hot tub and was getting into it. Naked. He was facing away from me but from the back he had a nice body, really nice ass and nice legs.

I opened the window and yelled out, "Nice ass!" He sat down in the water, turned around and looked over. That's when he noticed that I was standing there at the window with my arms resting on the sill and my boobs clearly visible. He said, "You look pretty nice yourself." I looked down at my boobs and then looked back and said, "You like?" He said, "Hell yeah I like." I said, "Well, stand up and let me get a look at you." He said, "Well, I'm not wearing anything." I said, "Yep. I know." He said, "Aren't you married?" I said, "Yep. He's downstairs asleep. Stand up and let me see what you have."

He stood up. He clearly works out. Nice pecs. Abs. Slightly hairy chest but nothing too crazy. Big dick. My husband is small when limp and about 5.5 to 6 when hard. This guy was like 6 or so limp. I said, "Wow. Very nice." He said, "You've seen me but I haven't seen all of you." I started to turn around and he said, "Nope. Come over here. And don't put anything on. Just use that gate."

So I walked downstairs nude. My husband was passed out and snoring. I walked out the back door around to his side gate and into his back yard. He stood up and helped me into the hot tub. He said, "Holy shit. You are smoking hot. Your husband must either have a damn good job or be amazing in bed." I grabbed his cock and started stroking. I said, "Damn good job. So so in bed. He eats my pussy pretty well but he's just average in the size department."

He sat up on the edge of the hot tub and I started sucking his dick. He held my head as I sucked his cock. He said, "You do this often?" I said, "Do what?" He said, "Cheat on your husband." I said, "One other time. 6 years ago. Sometimes a lady needs a good fucking from a hot guy with a big cock." I bent over the side of the tub. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me.

We must have been outside a half hour. God he was so good. On my way back over he said, "Was that a one time only thing?" I said, "Probably not."

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  • My wife fingers herself to our neighbor

  • What a fantastic set up, keep at it honey, hey incidently would you like him to take you doggie anally ?

  • I call BS.... just another garbage story (most likely by a dude from the writing), not a confession

  • Your envious

  • Men and women think totally differently. As a result, those differences translate into a difference in writing styles. Most people don't understand that you can tell the difference between a man and a woman by the writing style. The OP is clearly a guy from this writing style.

  • You are so completely full of crap. Unless you're The Amazing Kreskin (LOL; look it up if you don't know who that is), there's no way you can tell whether someone is a man or woman from their writing. I'll say this much though: I can tell from your writing that you're a self-important windbag, and that means you're *probably* a man.

  • Too bad you're a dude and this story is bullshit.

  • Sounds like you really could get a good thing going there, so lucky that your cheeky eh ?

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