The movie Liar Liar

I laughed my butt off during the scene where he helped the lady put up some shelving and she wanted to pay him with a blow job. I had the same thing happen several times with one of my old neighbors, her husband passed like two years after I moved into my house. I did know them well but did talk to them now and then just when I was out in the yard. I was around thirty two I guess when he passed and so I began just doing her yard work and would not take any money from her. She asked me if I would repair a few things in her house, this was a few years after she became a widow, and of course I told her sure. I looked at what she wanted done and it was not much, knocked it out the next day.
I was standing in her kitchen and she tricked me like a pro telling me the light was out in her bedroom closet. She went and got a light bulb and asked me to change it and we walked back to the bedroom. I finished changing it out and turned around to see her kneeling on the floor, she told me she wanted to give me something for how nice I am to her and helping her out. She reached right out and grabbed my belt telling me she was not taking no for an answer, I stood there looking down not sure how to respond as my belt became undone.
I let her undo everything and as soon as my cock sprang out from my shorts she opened right up and started sucking on me, it felt awesome and she was doing it like any woman had done it in the past. It had been about two years since I had received one so I am sure that had something to do with me letting her do what she wanted. She swallowed away as I came letting out moans of gratitude for her as she continued sucking on my head and squeezing it all out.
She extended a hand up towards me and I helped her back up, she put her hands right back on my cock and told me if I ever wanted more just come over. She looked down at it while stroking away on it and gave me another smile and told me she meant it because she would love to play with this gorgeous thing anytime.
I got my pants pulled back up and off I went after gathering up my tools, I got home and still was amazed at her cock sucking skills. I mean she was not in bad shape or anything I had just never thought that a woman in her seventies would want to do something like that to a guy.
I guess it was a couple of days later and I was home from work like fifteen minutes, my phone lit up with a text from her and it read "can you come over for another one?" I stood there staring down at the words thinking how in the hell could I say no, I mean here is a woman asking me to come over and get my cock sucked and that was amazing. I texted back that I would be over in a few minutes and cleaned myself up a bit.
I came inside and she was smiling at me like she was the one getting pleasured, she asked me if I wanted it done the same way as last time or some other position. I told her she could tell me how she wanted to do it because I did not have a favorite position. She answered me right back and told me to take off my clothes and lay down on the bed, I did as she wanted me to and she climbed right up on top of me. She began kissing my chest, licking my nipples and made her way down to my cock, she was slobbering the hell out of it and sucking on me like crazy. I laid there watching her head move around and listened to the sucking sounds amazed.
She stopped and looked up at me then with bright eyes and a smile on her face she asked me if I would mind having intercourse, I looked down at her and told her we can do what ever you want to do. She really smiled then and told me Okay, let me finish giving you an orgasm and then get you hard again and she did it.
I was not sure how this was going to go because I was sure she would not be as lubed up as a young woman but once again she was prepared for that with some lube in her nightstand. She then told me she wanted to try something she had never done, doggy style, I got behind her and began slowly rubbing my cock against her well lubed up lips and I have to admit it was a huge turn on having this woman so eager to please. It took a few minutes but soon I was halfway in and out of her and she was moaning like crazy telling me how great it felt and how big I was and I could go deeper and faster.
We stayed that way for quite some time, I could feel her rubbing herself with one of her hands while I pumped in and out then she finally began having an orgasm, I could feel her contracting and she really began moaning out and repeating harder and harder over and over. She started going forward and laid down on the bed, she looked up at me and told me that was incredible. She looked at my wet hard on sticking straight out and reached up with a hand to stroke it, she stopped and told me to go rinse it off and so she could suck on me again. I came back to the bed and laid down on it as she got back up and straddled me again, she went right down to my cock and sucked on it slow and long until I had an incredible orgasm. She laid on top of me for several minutes and then told me I was an incredible lover, I was thinking hell she did most of the work and told her it was quite the opposite and she was an incredible lover.
So that is how it started like five years ago and she still sucks my cock and I give her sex anytime she wants it, she bought a vibrator from somewhere and use it on herself or I do, I have gone down on her a few times but for some reason she likes the vibe more. We have a lot of fun regardless and I have come home a few times and she has me over right away telling me I need to destress.

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  • No matter the age, that's an amazing woman. Has she let you do anal yet?

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