I was 26 married worked in a factory. My husband was a truck driver.
I always got hit on at wirk. None stop every day.
I always laughed it off and was a flirt myself.
Never cheated.
Don’t get me wrong i liked the attention but never step out on my husband.
Of course i got turned on by it. A couple guys i worked with were hot. All was good till one day i was in a particularly naughty mood and Mike kept at me all night.
So i told him you ate all talk. My husband will be gone till tomorrow so you know where i live bigshot.
I got home from wirk not thinking much more of it. Never thought he would follow me home.
I no sooner get out of my car he pulls in.
I laughed but really was shocked nervous.
He said I’m here I laughed not knowing what to do or say and wLked up to door and went in.
He followed.
He closed the door and came up to me and out of no where he kissed me. I kissed back not expecting to and not planning on what happened next and he pushed me down and unbuttoned his pants. We joked about this stuff all the time. I started to get up but his cock was out in my face and he shoved my head I opened up and took him in.
After a minute or two his oants where off and he pulled my shirt iver my head.
I still had no intention of fucking him but i was in a daze sorta not really realizing what was happening at the time. I was knda in a in shock.
I leaned me back on couch and I don’t even remember him taking my oants off but i was naked.
He leaned over me kissing me and he thrust into me. My entire body tenses up when he does. Everything moved in slow motion.
I locked up and all at ince out of nowhere it released every muscle and I climaxed like I never had before. I remember pulling my legs up locked my feet and it feeling like i was melting into the couch as all the tension left my body. He came as i was coming around like i was almost passed out and i could feel every
Drop filling me up.
That was last week.
I feel so guilty and can still feel soreness in my muscles where i stiffened up.

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