Not my fault, not my problem

I'm 22f, a senior in college, attractive, play on the softball team, and single. I have had plenty of dates, but I really don't have time for a boyfriend and don't really want one either. Between sports and school, I'm swamped. I have no time for a relationship. I'm planning on moving out of state after graduation, and know that I'll likely never see most of my college friends again a few months from now anyway.

Last week a friend of mine invited me to a party off campus. I didn't know the guy hosting it, but it was a good party--plenty of booze, people, food, and good music. My friend and I started talking to a couple of cute guys who were really nice and friendly. Of course we started making out eventually, and were getting hot as hell for each other, so we asked the guy hosting the party if we could fuck in one of the rooms in the back. He said okay. We all went to the back room, stripped and got laid, with my friend and I fucking both guys. It was great sex, cum everywhere, and great orgasms for all.

After we finished and my friend and I touched up our makeup in the bathroom, we rejoined the party. About an hour later some girl I've never met came up to me, yelling, saying that I'm a slut because I fucked her bf. I said "Wut?" I said "I didn't know, but that's between you two" and told her to get the fuck away from me. She was totally ready to fight. My friend and I got the hell out of there, before things got nasty. It was tense.

I get that she has a right to be pissed (I'd be pissed if I were her too), but I had no idea that I was fucking someone who had a gf. He never said anything about it. IMO, her anger should be directed at her bf, not me. I didn't do anything wrong.

Her bf's cock was awesome, btw--one of the few to tap my g-spot.


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  • I never get people like that, it' s not like people have a sign over their heads that says they're taken, even if you had known, it's between her and her D slinging man.

  • Yeah, you were fine. Her yells should be for her cheatin boyfriend.

  • You right. Not your problem. He knew what he was doing.

  • Dank!

  • Skank!

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