I desire to be gang banged by multiple men I want to feel their raw dicks in me fucking cum deep in my tight pussy back to back fucking me like the dirty little bitch I am. Where are you men at lol I love all dick as you already know

2 months ago

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    • Where are you men where are you my big stiff cock is ready and waiting for you to do as you wish

    • I think that most women have a gangbang fantasy i knew wanted to fuck 4 or 5 cops another traveled a lot teaching vendors about a product, she says that being out of town where nobody knew her made her wish that she could hookup with several guys at the hotel bar go to one of their rooms and fuck all night says she don't think she would feel any guilt over it at all. the woman is married but feels like if he never knew then to him it never happened. i think she may have a little problem getting that many guys interested in her, she is quite a bit overweight has a pretty face and big tits so i think she could do quite well if she decided to do it. i told her i would like to be one of the guys she said if she actually did a gangbang she would tell me about first

    • Heads up, years ago the new girl in our group said she wanted a gang bang.
      "I'll take ya'll on." Her and 7 guys took off in 2 cars. (me and another guy wanted nothing to do here, to the delight of the other girls in the group).
      It was hot summer night, they went near a cornfield, laid her out naked on a blanket and took turns fucking her. When they got back she was laid out in the back seat, almost passed out with just the blanket covering her. The other girls took her to the ER. She was in the hospital 3 days with exhaustion, vaginal and pelvic injuries.
      Another girl told me her husband and buddy, after a night of drinking, took turns fucking her. The buddy went twice. She said the first round when great, she came 20x. When the buddy went the 2nd time it was worse than child birth. In bed 2 day, exhaustion and sore pussy.

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