My step daughter arrives home most Saturday nights drunk, the thing is her dad puts her to bed but he strips her completely naked should he really be doing that I don't think so

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  • I am a dad, occasionally my daughter comes home drunk unable to walk properly I admit when I help her up to bed I have my hand down her pants groping her arse, I strip her and put her to bed, I don't think she knows ive groped he, I do feel guilty

  • Don't ! Next time , pull out your cock and put it in her mouth , if she sucks it ,
    just go with it ! A free piece of ass is a great piece of ass ! Go ahead and fuck
    her , then tell us all about it !

  • Any sexual activity with your daughter should be consensual.

  • I'm sure she does know - unless she's passed out cold she'll be aware! Let her see you're aroused (am guessing you are when you get her undressed!) and make a joke of how your cock has reacted to the sight her.....she may like it! No need to feel guilty...enjoy it! How old is she?

  • I'm sure he just looked but didn't touch

  • You reckon?

  • Sounds like there's something going on!

  • ...or you strip her and let him cum over her! ;-)

  • Yes there is nothing wrong in this! The only thing that's wrong is your paranoia

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