Mom did not want me gay

My mother was a nurse and never dated I always remember her being naked or just in a robe. She never hid her body and showered with me every day, have me soap her body and she do it to me. She always seen to be touching me especially my cock by 12, her touch h made me hard. Most night we slept together and naked. When she caught me jerking off over gay porn i was only justs 13 and jerked to everything, I didn't care if it was pussy or a guy being ass fucked every thing made me hard. She watched a minute and left.

That night she came home from the hospital. Mom and told me to shower especially my butt, she need to check my prostate now especially since I masturbating over men. She wanted to see it I was gay. I showered and laid naked on my bed. She was only in her red silk robe, and started examining me, my ball and cock and then slipped on a rubber glove and lubed my ass for several minutes.

Then she said, I'm checking your butt and prostate now, slipping her finger in me I want to see it you maybe gay. She move it in and out and after a 5 minutes my cock was still soft. Mom said, that good no reponse your are not getting an erections. I'm open my robe so you can see my body, and see if a woman body stimulates you. Even though I had seen her naked all the time. This time was different I started to get hard. Good my body is making you hard. Then she played with my prostate and became super hard.

After a few minutes, mom said, you should have cum by now, I'm going to masturbate you, don't think of men as I do it. I was thinking of her, I was also trying not to cum from my mom.

Finally, i moaned, mom I'm cumming, she was so close I came on her chest.That a good boy you came from see me naked. But I think you are still having gay thoughts. We try this again before you go to bed.

3 hours later we did it again. Over the next two months, it progressed as mom made me hold back from cumming as she preform ass play on me. Saying if I'm cumming from it I have gay feelings. And she would help me be straight.

3 months after it started mom said, she we needed to have anal sex now. You're cumming from my finger in your butt. I want you to fuck my butt, and not cumn to see of you are gay, if you don't cum I know your straight. It was impossible not to cum in her she had trained my body to hold back cumming. Mom was moaning saying, over and over, Yes baby, hold back don't be gay for mommy. Her body shutters a half dozen times as I fucked she was cumming over and over. She held me after I came. Mommy going to make you like girls.

I'm 23 now, at 15 i I realized mom was using me sexually. She made me have sex with her several times a day and preforming prostate exams every morning make sure I didn't have a hard on from receiving anal. Of course I became hard, which made her want more sex so I wouldn't be gay.

I'm completely sexually connected to her now. I can not become hard with a man or woman other than her.

Mom got pregnant 3 years ago, saying finally I'm staring not to be so gay.

I love my mother, but to have a sex life or even cum, it must be with her. Even jerking off if I don't think of her I can cum. My body can hold back for an hour now without cumming. Mom sometimes passes out from orgasming so much.

I'm so fucked up.


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  • I was a nerd in high school with only a couple guy friends. My mom was afraid that I might be gay and decided she wanted to find out for sure. I woke up on a Sunday morning to my mom giving me a blowjob. Watching her work my cock, and her tits handing down with hard nipples, I pulled her onto my bed and fucked her missionary position. My mom came 3 times before I did. 10 minutes later we were fucking again!

  • Your mother had sex with you for all the wrong reasons. She should of accepted you the way you are. I used to make love to my mum for love and affection and they are the reasons a mother and son should make love to each other.

  • I'd see a therapist, man. Your mom had good intentions to keep you from being gay, but she went a little overboard with the mind control. She's trained you like Pavlov's dog and now you salivate at the thought of a treat (i.e., prostate check or mom's pussy). You need to get your mind back. Just make sure that you don't end up gay, otherwise you might need another intervention.

  • If you fuck a woman in the ass, it is not gay. Your mother is a nurse?

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