Wife on business trips

I took my wife on a business trip to California. It was business for me and a mini vacation for my wife. When meeting my potential client for dinner my wife accompanied me. She is a very attractive woman to start with but she wore a floor length dress with a thigh high slit that showed her legs nicely. My potential client was quite taken with my wife and couldn’t stop admiring her. I gained a client that night and it might have been my wife that sealed the deal. I told her she should come with me on business trips more often. I had a particularly tough client one time when my wife was with me and I think she sealed the deal there too. The client was picking me up at our hotel to take me to his facility for a tour. The night before he and I met for dinner without my wife. I told him my wife was with me on this trip but he wanted just he and I at dinner to discuss business. I told my wife I thought I was not making any headway with him and the trip might be a bust. He arrived a little earlier than expected at our room. I was brushing my teeth and my wife was still in bed. She wasn’t going with us so it didn’t matter. I let him in the room while I finished brushing my teeth. When I was done I told him I was ready. He didn’t say anything. I walked to where he was standing and he was looking at my wife. She was still in bed but on top of the sheets naked. He glanced at me and said is this your wife? I smiled and said oh, sorry about that and covered her with a sheet. I said yes she was my wife and that she gets too warm sometimes and kicks the sheets off of her. We left and went about our business. He invited us to go for drinks later after our business was over and informed me I had his business. When I got back to the hotel I told my wife what had happened while she was sleeping. She laughed and said what makes you think I was sleeping? She said that she was just trying to help with a difficult account. I said you mean you did that on purpose? She said how do I sleep? I said on your stomach why? She said was I on my stomach? I said no you were on your back and kind of spread out. She said then I wasn’t sleeping. I said OMG you let him see you naked to try to help me with the contract? She said do you think he liked his choice. They say sex sells and I have to admit that I have been doing better on trips when my wife has been with me. She dresses appropriately when needed and sometimes slutty when needed. We have done black tie dinners with clients and have done strip clubs too. My wife doesn’t mind being eye candy when needed and enjoys the mini vacations. Business is good! Has she ever been naked again? A couple of times. Do I pimp her out? Absolutely not. Our best time was with an existing married client that invited us on his yacht for the day. He and I went below deck to discuss some quick business. The yacht was anchored offshore and we were below deck for about 30 minutes. When we went back up on deck there was both of our wives laying in the sun naked. He and I did not get naked but we did enjoy the ladies. We have been on the yacht with them a couple of times and my wife and his always sun on deck naked. I asked my wife why they do that and she said his wife likes to lay nude on the deck but we were the first couple to join them that joined her nude. She said she didn’t do it with the others because they didn’t want to be naked. She said she liked us joining them because she could get naked with her on the deck. My wife said she did ask if she was uncomfortable with her husband seeing her naked or uncomfortable with me seeing his wife naked. My wife said she was fine with both. My wife and her have become good friends. I asked if she was really ok with him seeing her naked. She said yes and she had caught him staring a few times and gave him a little extra to look at. I laughed. The true test of my wife’s comfortableness came when we got invited to a party on the yacht and there were about 20 people there. After we got out away from shore, his wife, my wife and his wife’s sister were all on deck sunning naked. Like I said there were about 20 people on the yacht but those were the only 3 women. The guys were enjoying all three women. There was part of the time that all 3 were up and dancing with the guys at the party. My wife walked to the front of the boat where I was and brought me a drink. She said this is kind of fun. Then she asked if I was ok with all the guys seeing her naked. I looked at my gorgeous wife and said I couldn’t be happier if she was comfortable. She said the attention was nice but she didn’t want anyone but me. I said I didn’t want anyone but her either even though the sister was pretty cute. She laughed and said hey watch it buddy. I learned I liked showing her off. I also learned she likes being shown off. Life is good!

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    • My gf was naked eye candy on a business boating trip once. Her and three other gals were paid 1000 dollars each to be eye candy for the afternoon for those on board. At first she was just topless while the others were naked. One of the men said you should get comfortable like the others and took her bottoms off of her. The other gals laughed at what he had done. He said let me oil you so you don’t burn and proceeded to rub oil on her. The other gals were getting oiled as well. I watched him rub oil on her from her feet to her neck. She seemed frozen as he oiled her thighs and opened her legs enough to oil between them. Then she seemed a little embarrassed as he rubbed oil on her stomach and then her eyes were locked on mine as he rubbed lots of oil on her t***. When he finished he said you look nice all oiled up. He asked if he missed any spots. She said no I think you covered everything. He smiled and said he didn’t want anything to get burned in the sun. Later on our way home I asked if she was ok? She said she was a little shocked when he took her bottoms off and a little embarrassed when he oiled her between her legs and spent a lot of time oiling her chest. She said once she got used to the idea that she was there to look at and be enjoyed by the men on the boat it wasn’t so bad. She said next time I’ll know what to expect. I said next time? She said the host asked her for her phone number and said he entertains business men about once a month and if she was interested in being eye candy then he would pay her 1000 each time. She said only if she could bring me each time. He said no problem. I said so you want to do it again? She said, 1000 to let men look at me naked, an afternoon in the sun with food and drink provided, why not? I shrugged my shoulders. She said I know you enjoyed the afternoon. I said yes I did. Watching her get oiled was a little different. She said yeah, from now on you do that.

    • My drunk 39 year old MILF wife got fucked by a young hotel worker while I watched on our last business trip.

    • I knew my wife was up to no good when I took her on my business trip. I had a late night with the clients and my wife had spent the evening at a restaurant and at the hotel bar where she drunkenly said she made some friends who were very flirty. The next day she kept texting me asking what time I’d be back, wanting to be assured I wouldn’t be back before 6pm, etc. I lied and told her I could not get back before 7pm, and apologized profusely and told her it’s just not a chance. I left and got back at 5pm. Went to our room and she was naked on a massage table being massaged by the hotel masseuse with the windows wide open. Apparently he was one of the flirty guys at the bar and he’d told her about getting a massage. She loved it, I fucked her ass hard as punishment. Costed me $250.

    • I have a large business and I have a very large client that bring in a large amount of money to my business he made some passes at my wife server times at our dinner outings on night he made and offer to double his business with my company if my wife would have sex with him so let’s just say business is bombing and my wife has a standing date twice a mouth I love reclaiming her when she gets home

    • Sounds like your wife enjoys it if she is making it a regular

    • She does snd I do also I have a medical condition and I under preform a lot so yes her and I both get pleasure from this and the business and extra money is a plus

    • Your wife may soon realize that the customer has more money to meet her needs.

    • Are you and her into bestiality? We should meet up.

    • Yes she has let or German Shepard knot in her past and asshole before while she sucks my dick !

    • Knot in her pussy and asshole not past damn auto spell

    • Knot your fault.

    • Good boy, good boy.

    • My wife likes putting on a little show for men. she knows she has a sexy body.
      She also doesn't like being dared!
      I dared her a couple of times: wear that mini all day t the zoo; wear the same mini to the shoe store & have him help try on shoes; flash a little panty to guys when out on a girl's night - come home and tell e about it!
      One day - on a dare, she wore a thong pair of panties to sun herself at the local state park lake! She doesn't own a thong bathing suit - so I said what is the difference?, who'll know?!
      Well, turns out a few guys figured it out - AND several wives figured it out, too!
      So sexy - her laying there with an absolutely bare ass out for all to look at!

    • That’s how my wife is. Constantly letting guys randomly catch what she calls a “peep show” of her tits, panties, ass or kissy. Sometimes it’s just her long legs in a skirt and she’ll dangle her shoe as we sit at a restaurant and tell me who’s looking. She’ll blurt it, like “I want to to show my ass today”.

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