My divorce

When I was 32 I was going through my divorce and I started to drink more than I should be and I would get so drunk that I would find myself doing things that I don't remember from the night before. One day I was cleaning up my son's bedroom and I found some pictures of me naked and very revealing. My teenage son would take pictures of me after I would get drunk and fall into a very deep sleep. Then I discovered that my son was feeling me up and even having sex with me and I would never wake up or feel him doing these things to me. I didn't want to push him away from me because of the divorce so I never said anything about it too him and I just made believe that it was not happening

5.1 years ago

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    • It's on you. Take responsibility and seek help for your drinking problem. Start with AA.

    • I went out with several of the girls from the phrat house who was in town for the week and just about nightly we closed up our hang out from 7 years ago. My husband of four years was out of town so it was just me and his 15 year old son from a previous marriage at home.
      Well it happened I awoke as he was pushing his hard cock into me, he had me so aroused I let him continue as I wrapped my legs around him holding him in me hard as I really got into his making love to me, he began kissing me and I returned his kisses, more and more he fucked me harder and harder as we both climaxed together something I never have done with his father. He held onto me and I him and we started in kissing again which led to him fucking me all over again. It got to where I welcomed him making advances towards me and even instigated some on my own with him like meeting him at the door when he gets home from school wrapping my arms about him kissing him even wrapping my legs around his as he holds me tight against him.
      For the past four months he has been my lover for his father my husband is over seas working on some dam project.
      Jim is my lover and even when his father gets home I will still let Jimmy have me any time he wants.

    • My stepdaughter is 19 and often comes home drunk and/or stoned from her partying. At first I would lecture her, even ground her and take away the car. She at least got smart enough to start using Uber. One night she came in particularly slurry and had vomit all over herself. I stripped her bare and wiped her down. Tried to talk to her but she was out. It was then I realized she was naked, so I spread her legs and played with her pussy for a bit, used her phone to take some picture of her pussy and tits, then pulled out my cock and jacked off on her face. Used my fingers to scoop and push my spooge into her mouth. Then wiped her down with a clean washcloth and tucked her into her bed. I picked up a pack of condoms and some KY this past weekend. I fully intend to put them to good use the next tie she comes in all fucked up.

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with that and I would love to see some of the pictures. I have some pictures of my mother I will trade with you. Tommcam at gee male dot com

    • Bullshit

    • Don't you wish

    • Did you continue to drink heavily even after finding the pictures? How did you feel when you discovered he was fucking you when you were passed out drunk or was he sticking his cock in your mouth? Were any pictures showing his cum on you? I'm just curious as I am close friends with someone this happened too as well.

    • This confesstion is absolutely true... When I found the pictures I was shocked mad upset and ready to kill him. After thinking it through I was flattered that my son was attracted to me in that way. I just lost my husband and I didn't want to lose my son to so I just pretended this wasn't really happening.

    • Have you let him continue on with touching and taking pictures of you? This happened to a really good friend of mine, on at least two different occasions. Once after a Christmas party were she had way to much to drink and then after a friends birthday party. She found the pictures on her son's laptop , he and another boy had her shirt completely open , her bra up over her breasts . In other pictures her panties were off and her skirt hiked way up showing everything. After the birthday party they had stripped her nude on her bed and there are pictures of both boys having sex with her and putting their dicks in her mouth. She has no memory of any of it , she stopped drinking and locks her bedroom door at night when she goes to sleep.

    • Well it took me six years to stop drinking but I was locking the door but he was picking the lock the way I found out is that I would wake up without any panties on. Years later looking back on it I'm kinda flattered that he was attracted to me in that way . I know it's wrong to think that way but I'm just glad that he learned about sex with me and not getting some stds from someone who is spreading stds around town

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