Young married wife

I have been married less than 2 months, big mistake, husband turned out to be a mummy's boy and it was stark that both my new MIL and FIL both wanted to get me into bed!

2 weeks after our wedding was a 1940's weekend in a sleepy little seaside town on the North Norfolk coast which my new husband said we had to attend with his parents, so I had to source clothes fitting of the era and to look up hair styles as well as I didn't want to look like I didn't want to make the effort. Found all I needed and we set off. It was a long drive and once we got to the town we made our way to his parents home. Nice house, nice secluded garden not over looked, so you can imagine my surprise when we walked to the back of the house and both his parents were sitting naked at a table playing cards and have a G & T!

I certainly didn't know where to look and then his parents both got up to welcome us to their home, his mother was in pretty good shape and his father probably had a bigger todger than my husband.

The following day was the start of the 1940's weekend and as I was dressing my husband mother came into our bed room, she looked as I was pulling on a pair of seamed tights, "No, No that won't do, stockings my girl! I didn't have any, but she had some and a suspender belt to hold them up, she brought them into me and stayed and watched me dress. I just had a pair of my normal knickers on, but again she said they won't do and brought me a pair made from parachute silk, these were original 1940's war time knickers, she insisted I remove my own and replace them with the pair she had given me and she stayed and sure I did, I slipped off my knickers and tried to be as demure as possible without showing too much pussy, she looked an tut tutted, as I had trimmed it close and as she showed yesterday when we arrived she certainly had the hairiest bush I had ever seen! anyway I slipped on the silk knickers she had given me and then the suspender belt, she moved closer and assisted with making sure the seams were straight on the stockings she had given me. I thought that she was paying too much attention to my legs and she kept running her hands up and down my thighs. Once that was done, I put on a bra again it was mine and it would not do she she returned with a silk camisole, no bra, although I am not huge , I would have loved a little support, but no, none in this. However I must admit that it felt good having the silk rub my nipples and a little freedom. I managed to put on a pencil skirt which she approved of and a blouse, lots of bright red lipstick and a hat, I certainly looked the part.

We made our way to the town center and spent the day watching the different parades and also going on the steam train that runs a few miles along the coast.

I got many admiring glances and plenty of photo opportunities, some of the bolder ones asking me to show some leg, It wasn't as bad as I had imagined it would be. At the end of the day we all made our way back to my husbands parents home.

I wanted to get changed however the In laws were against it and insisted on staying in 1940's mode. MIL broke out the gin and FIL touched me up as discreetly as he could, I tried to distance myself, but he was nothing if not persistent. My loving husband was getting stuck into the gin and was legless within an hour, so drunk his mother insisted on putting him to bed, which she did and was so smug when she eventually appeared telling myself and FIL how she had, had to strip him and put the naughty boy to bed. Now they could concentrate on me 100%, FIL said that I had been a naughty flirt during the day flashing my shapely legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry, MIL said I had probably shown my stocking tops to them as well, none of this was true, however I thought what the Hell I may as well go along with it. I didn't complain when FIL slipped his hand up my skirt and reached the giggle zone as my MIL called it, she explained that it was the space between the tops of your stockings and the hem of your silk knickers, cos when they reach there they are laughing!

I was aware of his hands but not aware of the mobile phone photos, we all consumed too much gin and MIL said £100.00 for the best strip, she went first and it was not the first time by the amount of skill show, all the way down to her own parachute silk knickers and they off to reveal a neatly trimmed bush, she must have worked on it since the previous afternoon, then it was FIL all the way down until he was naked as well, his penis getting aroused in anticipation of me going next, I have no excuse not to strip off, not as artistically as the previous two, but the gin had done it's job and lowered my inhibitions, it wasn't long before I had to remove my own silk knickers, which I did as seductively as possible. There I was naked, we adjourned to their bed room for a night of fun and frolics


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  • This sounds similar to my husbands family. I was so young and naive when I got married at 20.I noticed that his family were in to things.I discovered that his parents were swingers.His half brother and father always made passes at me,along with the many other Male friends who would visit them.I was propositioned many times by men and women at their house.It also became apparent that my husband wanted us to get us into the swinging or wife swapping lifestyle.I was young and thought I should be a wife who pleases her husband,so I entered it willingly. We had talked about having a baby and he did want to but always said not yet or soon.After I turned 22 he said let's try so I went off birth control.We tried for so long and nothing.He still wanted us to swing with other couples though.I wasn't in the mental state to think otherwise. Over roughly 2 weeks we swung regularly with another couple.We would have sex together in the same room.I realized not too later on that my husband had witnessed the conception of our first child as I found out I was pregnant soon after those 2 weeks.

  • After the Gin lowered my inhibitions the first time, I knew that I wanted to continue having fun with FIL and MIL, there are no complications for me, I hope that life works out for you and your husband and I hope that you are in a better mental state now

  • Yes I used to have things to help lower my inhibitions too but dont require them nowadays.
    Have had sex on many occasions with my BIL and FIL.Things have worked out wonderfully for us both thank you.And I'm in such a contented stage in my life right now.

  • Do you who it was that got you pregnant?

  • It wasn't my husband. We discovered later on he couldn't have kids. We still had our family though.

  • Details please!

  • So you're getting along with your husband's parents then? Lol

  • Yes of course, such a diversity of attention

  • Enjoy! ;-)

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