Never thought she would do it

This happened last year around our anniversary, her parents watched the kids for the weekend giving us some time to have fun. We went out and she had a bit to drink with dinner then kept it going when we got home. She then began getting very horny and asked me what my darkest fantasy to do with her would be, kept trying to get me to tell her my dirtiest thoughts of what I would do to her. She has always been the perverted one of us doing all sorts of things that come to her mind so most of my suggestions have always been slightly vanilla. I gave her a few suggestions and she was like that is not dark at all, come on there has to be something in that mind of yours so I thought about it some more and told her a wild one. I wanted her to let our dog lick her and see how far he would go with it. I expected her to laugh and tell me no way, to dark, not going to happen but she did not do that at all. Instead this wicked grin came out and her eyes looked like she was into trying it. She told me Wow, you do have a dark perverted side! She told me we are doing it.
She took off her clothes and got down on the floor and began playing with herself, she told me to go let him inside and lets see if we are going to need to put anything on me for him to be interested. She then just jumped up and told me she would just get some peanut butter and get him started on it. She came back into the living room with it smeared on and into herself then got back down on the floor with her ass up in the air.
He got right behind her and began licking away on her pretty vigorously as she spread her legs wider and closed her eyes, she looked and sounded like she was really enjoying it. I moved myself for a better view and watched in amazement as his tongue was spreading her lips open and diving right inside her. Soon all the peanut butter was gone and it was just her flavor but he did not stop diving into her and giving her plenty of tongue.
He jumped on her several times and then would go back down and lick her more, his penis was coming out of the sheath more and more as he began thrusting at her with it. She reached back between her legs and was trying to guide him inside her but gave up after his quick thrusts would just hit her fingers and bounce around.
Suddenly she let out a little gasp followed by a moan and I could see that he had found her finally as his hips began a steady motion thrusting into her. she was pushing back against him and looked over at me with a devilish grin on her face and told me that he is bigger than she expected. I was amazed at the way her had his front legs gripped around her hips as if holding her there. He pumped away on her for a good few minutes then just stopped and filled her. His cock pulled out of her with a popping sound as she let out another gasp then he went right back to licking her more for a few minutes. He was right back on her again trying to mount and enter her again as he pushed and found her again. She gave me a look like of pleasure as his cock stiffened right back up again and he began ramming away on her. This time though seemed different as her mouth began staying open and her face had a painful look of pleasure on it, I looked around and saw what looked like a red baseball stuck in her crowning a little bit. She started gasping and telling fuck he is big now, he sank it in again and held it there for a minute then again came out of her with a popping sound and a huge ball in his cock. HIs ejaculation was dripping out of her now as she recovered from that mounting. His tongue was right back on her licking away and cleaning it all up then he did the carpet. She laid down on her side with her knees drawn up a bit and told me that was enough for now because that last one was really big.
We cleaned up and went to bed and I told her she is the craziest woman I have ever known and incredibly hot to boot. The next day we had just finished up a movie and she looked at me and said "Do you want to have him do it again?" I just told her sure, it was fun to watch last night. She obviously enjoyed it a lot to bring it up herself and we have had plenty of great times with it.

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