My husband's fantasy

My husband shared his fantasy with me right after we married. He confessed he wanted to watch me be with his friend. I was sickened by it and refused. To be honest, he pushed quite hard about it and we almost split up over it.  We have been married for 23 years in November, but last summer he finally got his wish.

We were on vacation and we were staying at a nice hotel; ground floor with a walk out patio. I was outside reading, he was Inside watching the game. It was a beautiful summer evening, not too hot or cold. I sat reading my book and drinking a glass of red when the slider on the nextdoor room opened. A man stepped out in just his boxers. He was young, probably mid to late twenties and built very well. I could tell he worked out or at least had a physical job.

He didn't notice me at first and proceeded to scratch his butt, to which I let out a soft giggle. It was enough to get his attention and he turned with a startled look. As he turned to face me I caught a glimpse of his manhood through his shorts. He was well endowed from what I could tell. He apologized for not knowing I was there and we struck up a conversation. He and his new wife were there on a honeymoon, but she evidently had too much to drink and passed out. He went on to say that he wanted to have sex but couldn't with a passed out wife. I jokingly said "well maybe someone around here can help you out with that"
Not meaning me, but it quickly backfired when he asked if I was offering. I said no as I shook my head, but that was enough to get me thinking about it. He commented that his blinds would open and he would be awake if I changed my mind; then he stepped back inside.

A little while later after the game had ended and my husband and I were making out in the bed. I asked him to talk dirty to me. Normally my husband gets kinky when he talks dirty and starts talking about his fantasy. He was getting into it this night asking me if I was a dirty girl and how I wanted to be fucked. By this time we were ready, he was between my legs, his dick hard. He pushes inside me and then brings up his fantasy. It was at that moment I asked if he really wanted me to fuck another man in front of him. I'm sure it was him being horny, but exclaimed that was his fantasy and would love to see it.

I'm not sure why but in that moment I told him I would fuck another man if that is truly what he wanted. For years I had told him no, not even in pillow talk did I indulge his fantasies. So you can imagine the shock when I finally agreed. He stopped fucking me and asked if I was for real. I said I was so long as he was for real and there was no jealous. He quickly agreed there would be none and then asked if I wanted to have sex with his friend. I told him no, and said I wanted it to be someone we didn't know on our vacation. Puzzled he asked who we could get. I mentioned the guy next door and told him about the comments. I told him I had refused, but if he was serious, I could go get him right then. We thought about for a minute and then both agreed to proceed.

I got out of bed and put on my housecoat. I explained to my husband that I would probably flash him to get his attention. He agreed that was a good idea. I paused at the slider and asked one last time if he was sure. To tell you the truth, I was nervous and was asking myself the same question. He shook his head yes, so I stepped outside. I again paused before stepping in front of his door. I had two voices in my head saying conflicting things. One saying you only live once, go for it. The other saying I was a happily married woman with 2 grow children, what would they think if they knew what I was about to do. I took a deep breath, looked around, and stepped in front of his door. He was watching TV but quickly noticed me. I opened my housecoat exposing my entire naked body to him. His eyes became very large and he bolted from the couch to the door in a single step.

I closed my housecoat as he stepped out side and asked if I had changed my mind. I stopped him right there and asked if he would be willing to have sex with me in front of my husband. He naturally asked if my husband was gay, I assured him he was not. After a few more questions, he accepted and we returned to my room.  Luckily he had condoms, XXL was on the side and I remember thinking OH MY GOD. He Introduced himself to my husband and asked if he was fine with what was about to happen. Then he stripped off his boxers. I had already shed my housecoat and turned to see exactly how big he was. OMG, he was big. I would say a good 9 or 10 inches I'm guessing, and fat. Fatter than any I had ever seen before. Not massive, but just fatter than I had ever been with.

He walked over to me as I sat on the bed. His dick was getting hard as I reached out and took him in my hands. He was definitely a shower as he didn't grow any bigger, only standing to attention. I stroked him a few times and attempted to suck him but he was just too big for that. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. He rubbed my already wet vagina with his fingers and then rubbed his dick on me. I stopped him and asked him to put a condom on, to which he did very quickly. Returning to my vagina he put the head of his dick against me. I was extremely wet from having already been fucked by my husband. I should have been ready to receive him, but when he pushed, it was so big he couldn't get in me. I asked my husband for some of the lubrication from out bag. I rubbed quite a bit on myself and his big dick. He once again tried to push inside me but it was too big. It took several minutes of working before he finally got most of it inside me. I was full and couldn't take anymore.

He slowly started fucking me, making sure to ask if I was alright. It was like nothing I had ever felt. I swear he was inside my stomach every time he pushed in. I feared how painful it would be if he actually pushed it all in me and was thankful he was going slow. He cupped my breast in one hand while lifting my leg with the other. His arms were well defined and his chest muscles built. I could only rub his chest and take in the beauty of his body while he slowly penetrated me. Although it was exciting I couldn't help but think I was missing something. He had the body and he definitely had the package, but the spark was missing. I knew in that moment that now matter how much I wanted, I would not be getting off with this man.  He continued penetrating me for awhile; each thrust driving a little deeper to point where it was no longer comfortable. I pulled him down close to me and whispered in his ear with the most sex voice I have. I simply said "cum baby". This was enough (as it is with most men) to send him over the edge.

After we finished I sent him on his way. I was still horny for my husband and drug him back to the bed. He on the other hand had already finished while watching me, leaving his rifle without any ammunition. I didn't care, and I made it clear to him that he would still be performing, even if he had to use his tongue. The night ended with me finally being satisfied. My husband got his fantasy, albeit we neither really had fun, but none the less we can now cross his fantasy off our bucket list.


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  • Some time back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. Once we too have discussed off swapping wife and sex together and had laughed over phone. On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the swap sex popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was ready for group sex and she may help my wife to agree for the act tonight. Thinking of fucking my buddy's big gorgeous wife, I told him our bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the act of sex you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. In bedroom getting my wife full naked telling her my friend who has a big cock may be fucking his wife now and started nibbling her ears which gives her the arousal. Her legs wide open were locked on my back and hands wrapped around my shoulder. Just then they barged in. Startled my wife struggled to hide her pussy with her palm and boobs with other hand. She said Hey what you people are up to while she was googling his massive erection and big cock. I said don't worry just they will give us a company only. My friend's wife got to the bed and took my wife;s head as if consoling,. My friend sat on the side my wife and lay beside her. I signaled my friend to start and he slowly put his fingers down her pussy and started stimulating her clitoris and I too followed suit with his wife. I knew my wife too submissive and some assurance from my side we enjoyed the full night. In the morning while they were leaving she gave my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her boobs and other hand cupping her pussy. After they left we went to the bedroom and had another sex and I felt a different wife too horny and sexy. She thanked me for such a wonderful experience. Once in a while such change is good.

  • My husband was bedding other men's wives with the husbands' permission when I met him. I didn't have any feelings for him yet but my arousal for him increased knowing he was such a stud. We hadn't even gone all the way yet.

    I was even more shocked months later when, my now, boyfriend told me he had sworn, long ago, to the husbands to pass it forward when he someday got married. I had to know he was expecting me to pay it forward with other men if we ever got married. I was beyond shocked. He was SERIOUS. I never heard of any of this before and hadn't taken him seriously as husband material initially.

    I suggested he just keep bedding other women if we get married instead. He wasn't being exclusive to me right then anyways and knowing that was a turn on. I was more than fine with him being my philandering husband. He made it clear he kept his word. We weren't on the marriage track if I wasn't comfortable with that. I agreed to do as he asked but never saw myself going through with it.

    After we got married I resisted going through with it for as long as I could. I was deathly afraid it would be shoved in my face in a bad way somehow. Once I did, I wished I hadn't resisted so long.

  • My fantasy is to fuck as many people like you as I can before I die. Trying to beat Wilt Chamberlain and Gene Simmons records. Now where do you live?

  • I didn’t have the fantasy of seeing my wife fuck ... until I saw her kissing my buddy under the mistletoe our second Christmas. We were a bit tipsy when I dared them to go further. They did. Kept checking my way as they made out.. eventually undressing. Finally forgot about me being there once totally naked. OMG. After she fucked him, he and I took turns fucking her.. so erotic to see her thrashing about and moaning. Woke up the next morning to see them doing it again. Couldn’t wait for her to fuck after that night. She had at least 3 lovers she told me about ( and guessing 3-4 more) over our 26 years.. still arouses me to remember those early days.

  • My best friend Bill and I often dated the same girls. He's shy buy real good looking. I'd use him as bait. I had my old girlfriend pop his cherry when he was 18, she bought me a Gucci jacket thanks. She had a rich daddy. we'd go to a club i'd ask him 'which girl do we like?" He pick out my wife Beth. We go over to her table, i do all the talking but her eyes are glued to him. He hardly says a word. And I get her number. I tell Bill I'll go out with her and set him up with her. We did this often. I never get to go out with these Playboy like centerfolds with out using him. I go out with Beth, we really goes well, we had few drinks have awesome sex. Bill asks how did it and I tell him, he's all excited he wants to fuck her too. She's over at my place and I tell Bill is dropping by, she says great -- he looks like Paul Newman. I leave them alone, Bill's still shy with her, i hear her doing all the talking. Then it gets real quiet, I'm like uh oh -- she gave up. I have a loft apt, I look down. I have a bird's eye view of Beth giving her PN a blowjob. They have sex a week later. I find Bill another GF and marry Beth. Years later I teaser her. She says he's so fucking good looking, bring him over watch me give him another blowjob. And she's not kidding.

  • My wife wanted to get fucked in front of me . I wasn't sure if I could handle it as it might be to intense for me. I kept putting it off but i eventually gave in. She had it all planned out, she had some co worker she wanted to screw and I would just stand in the corner of the room.
    The day arrived and he showed up . He stepped inside and once the door was closed they went at it . I could tell they had done this before , for them this was not the first time.
    As it turned out they had been having an affair for about 3 months which I knew nothing about. I remember the look on her face as he fucked her, she was looking at me and laughing as though she was humiliating me, which she was. When it was over she told me she would be doing this as often as she could, and if I didn't like it I could get out.
    Needless to say I accepted her terms , that was 2 years ago and she has not slowed down a bit.

  • My wife was a virgin when we met and married and we have been married for 44 years now. A few months after our wedding, I shared my fantasy of watching her being fucked by other guys. She was a bit upset at first but I told her that she was so sexy and exciting to be with that I wanted to watch the pleasure and excitement she could have from fucking other well-hung guys (I have about 4"). The first guy she fucked was my youngest brother who was still a virgin but had a 9" cock. She was hooked and probably fucked close to 200 different guys (many of them were ongoing FB's for her) during the first 25 years of our marriage. She actually lived with one of them for a couple of years and I would visit her at their place. She would let me eat her pussy but seldom let me fuck her and then only with a condom because she wanted only his cum inside her at the time. She ended up pregnant twice and eventually started slowing down on the boyfriends.

  • Bullshit. Dick size comes from the father. My dad has a big dick, and so do I and my two brothers. No way you got a 4 inch dick while your brother got a 9 inch.

  • Maybe his Dad was a Cuckold too and the Dad wasn’t the father of both boys.

  • Lucky you. And a geneticist at that!

  • I have to admit I am very kinky when it comes to sex. I married my wife because she is just as kinky as me. We are a perfect match. We have done probably everything you could think of, and more. This is one think we will never try again.

    We had both been trying to come up with the most kinky ideas to out do the other one when she suggested swinging. I of course agreed and we set out to accomplish our kink. We found a couple online who wanted to try the samething we did. We scheduled a date and place at a hotel about an hours drive from our home. On the day of, my wife and I showed up early. We spent the day in the city shopping and eating. That night, around the time they were to arrive, we heard a knock on the door. He was the only one who showed. His wife had gotten cold feet and backed out, causing a big fight between them. He decided to come without her.

    My wife asked if we should reschedule, but I insisted they continue. I sat in the corner and watched another man slide his dick in and out of my wife's pussy for a good hour. He fucked her hard and fast, making her orgasm multiple times. I was jealous as fuck, even though I swore I wouldn't be. I never said anything, but I told my wife we would never do that again.

  • I too had this fantasy and it took 14 years for my wife to agree. She's 34 and had only been with me, but I wanted to have a friend screw her. I pestered her about the idea for about 5 years before she finally gave it a try. I'll never forget my friend slipping into her pussy from behind and my wife rocking back onto him and saying "Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this." I asked her if he felt good and she said, "Uh what do you think, idiot?" She actually got into it but it took her forever to have an orgasm. She later said it was too awkward fucking someone she didn't love. We took turns on her and I totally enjoyed it, but my wife wasn't into doing anything like that again. She said the experience was just "Ok."

  • My husband had this same fantasy and still probably does to some extent though he hasn't brought it back up at all. We tried to make it happen twice over the 20 year we were married. The first time I agreed was when we were out of town for a wedding. We met a guy there that I thought was good looking and seemed nice so my husband fills him in and of course he agrees to come back to our room. We are in the elevator and my husband starts telling me to kiss this guy so we start making out. This gets my husband really worked up and buy the time we left the elevator I had to tell him to calm himself down. We get inside our room and I drop my dress on the floor then sit on the bed. The guy undoes his pants pulls them down and is already rock hard I reach out, grab his cock and he erupts like a volcano cumming all over my neck and tits.He was so embarrassed he didn't even have his pants all the way up before running out the door.
    We didn't try again for a few year and it didn't go that great. Again we were away from our home town and met a man in a bar that I liked. My husband invited him back to our room when we get there the guy turns into ass and starts ordering me to suck his dick. My husband explains to him we aren't into that and the guy gets pissed and leaves. I told my husband I was done with trying to make that fantasy a reality.

  • That's too bad; you should try again.
    My fantasy is to watch my wife with another man. After several conversations and rules discussing, we had finally decided when, how, and whom. We had agreed it would be a guy who used to date her friend, but was now single. she knew he had the hots for her and would have no problem doing it as he had asked her and her friend for a threesome years before. She contacted him on Facebook and he agreed to meet us. Everything was going as planned. She was naked on the bed, he was sucking on her tits and giving her oral. She was getting worked up, I was getting worked up, and we were both ready for him to fuck her. She pushed him up away from her pussy and started removing his jeans. That's when we found out why he hadn't removed his pants yet. He was was maybe 3 inches hard. The look on my wife's face was pure disappointment. None the less, she let him get between her legs and try to fuck her. Later on she would tell me she never felt him at all. Instead, I had to fuck her to get her off. Now she refuses to try again.

  • My wife had the same size problem with one of her affairs. She found that if she bore down on his cock ..: Kageled... she could feel him and enjoy it.

  • My fantasy is for me to watch another man fuck my husband. This goes both ways guys, you can’t always expect us wives to not get what we want. My hubby is a big tough red neck Trump supporter and I want to see his ass get pounded by a city lawyer liberal type, just use his ass like a bitch and cum in him while his tits are being twisted.

  • My biggest fantasy is my wife watching my virginity taken. I so want to watch the look on her face as I please a man for the first time. She would flip out if she knew my desires.

  • Well considering you're a teenage boy, I would believe you hate Trump. You spend too much time reading fake news and tugging on your little pud.

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